DPT if elected promises to address ACC’s ‘violation of Constitution’ in Gyelpozhing and a ‘Misguided Media’

Even though the Mongar District Court followed by the High Court upheld Anti Corruption Commission’s (ACC) right to legally prosecute the Gyelpozhing case the DPT manifesto has called it a violation of the Constitution which it promises to address once back in power.

The DPT manifesto also touches on how DPT has received little or no understanding from constitutional bodies and calls for closer consultation with the government.

The incumbent DPT government which had come under the increasing scrutiny from the Media over corruption scams has also promised in its Manifesto that it will prevent a misguided media from destroying democracy.

All of the above issues have been covered in DPT’s Manifesto under the fourth pillar of GNH called ‘Good Governance and Democracy’.

The DPT while calling for a ‘liberal interpretation’ of the constitution for itself in its manifesto also refers to two instances of violation of the constitution. One of it is on the ACC taking up the prosecution of the Gyelpozhing case.

The manifesto says the, “violation took place when the ACC usurped the function of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to prosecute. The Constitution, for profound reasons, separates the functions of investigation and prosecution of corruption cases and vests the ACC with the former function and the OAG with the latter. Laws that are ultra vires to the Constitution, and under which such violations have taken place, will be amended.”

This will mean that the ACC Act which gives it powers to legally prosecute cases when the OAG refuses to or fails to do will in all probability be amended by DPT to not allow the ACC to legally prosecute cases.

Both the district and High Courts had upheld ACC’s legal and constitutional rights to prosecute the Gyelpozhing case.

The High Court in its recent Judgment had said that the ACC can prosecute based on Article 27 section 6 of the Constitution, the ACC Act and section 31(2) of the Civil and Criminal Procedure Code of Bhutan.

Instead political parties and lawyers had raised the need to indeed amend the OAG Act to give the OAG more independence as under the current OAG Act the OAG is directly accountable to the PM and can also be fired by him.

The OAG after it received the Gyelpozhing case from ACC had dismissed it saying that there was no case. When the ACC did file a case the OAG opposed ACC’s right to file the case and also opposed ACC’s suspension of the former Speaker and the Home Minister.

However, both the Mongar District Court and recently the High Court upheld ACC’s right to prosecute the case and also proved the OAG wrong by giving guilty verdicts for the allotment committee.

According to a practicing lawyer if the government took away ACC’s legal prosecution powers given to it under the ACC Act then any future government would become immune from ACC prosecution as the OAG was anyhow the government lawyer.

The other constitutional violation pointed out by DPT was when according to it the National Council became dysfunctional between 16 March and 10 May, 2013 which DPT says was in violation of the Constitutional provision which establishes that the NC is, in effect, a continuously functioning body.

However, according to a prominent NC member who did not want to be named as the Parliament was yet to take session, the DPT’s interpretation is both ‘misguided and mischievous’.”If we go by DPT’s interpretation then the NC members should sit for only one term and stand no chance of another reelection,” said the member.

The DPT in its manifesto promises to uphold the independence of constitutional bodies and promises to give neceassry technical and material support to bodies like Election Commission of Bhutan, Royal Civil Service Commission, ACC, Royal Audit Authority and OAG. It also says that only people of highest integrity of character and proven merit will be appointed to these posts.

However, the party also points out that constitutional bodies have not cooperated with the government.

The manifesto says, “There appears to be a growing perception that the respect, trust and support extended to the Constitutional bodies by the DPT administration have not been reciprocated. There is the sense that the DPT administration has received little or no understanding from some of these organizations and that its strong majority in Parliament gave cause for the bodies to feel threatened. This may have prompted feelings that cooperating with the government would be seen as being submissive.”

It further says, “DPT shall strive to remove such unfounded fears as we serve the same cause. We shall endeavor to promote mutual trust and respect based on the understanding that cooperation need not come at the cost of independence or autonomy, whereas working against each other will harm democracy and the nation. To this end, we shall consult each other and establish a forum for regular discourse between the Government and the Constitutional bodies so that each of us can best perform our functions separately but with cooperation, and without in any way compromising our independence.”

On Media the DPT manifesto promises to guarantee the freedom and independence of Media as it has done in the last five years, provide prompt access to information and promote the growth of media.

However, the manifesto without naming any specific media houses also talks of dangers of misguided and irresponsible media houses and talks of ‘creating an environment for truly free and responsible media’.

The incumbent government when faced with corruption investigations by the media in the past has questioned the credibility of media houses and journalists with no evidence or legal basis calling them irresponsible and even corrupt.

It had even gone to the extent of issuing a circular marked confidential to government agencies to not advertise with this paper after the paper covered some corruption stories on some politicians. The cabinet had also stopped the licensing process of new private TV stations.

The DPT manifesto says “We are also mindful of the dangers arising from a misguided or irresponsible media. Just as an independent, professional and responsible media is critical to the flourishing of democracy; it can be the very cause for its destruction.”

It further says, “News or information must never be owned, influenced or manipulated by anyone as are physical structures, equipment and financial assets. The dangers of a corrupt and manipulated media will always threaten democracy, whether in a small and vulnerable economy or in a large and powerful nation. Our media is no exception. Druk Phuensum Tshogpa will strive to create the environment for a truly free and responsible media.”

The DPT manifesto in its list of legislative plan of 16 laws has placed the Right to Information at number five as a law to be introduced in parliament.

However, contrary to the manifesto the DPT Party President Jigmi Y Thinley had said that they would first consult with the people on RTI and only introduce it if they wanted it. He had also talked of the dangers of RTI and how it could affect government functioning. All three other parties supported RTI at the debate.  The incumbent DPT government in its first term had promised to bring in the legislation before the end of its term but failed to do so.

Tenzing Lamsang/ Thimphu

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  1. With the Gyepshing case being judged criminal by both the High Court & the Dzongkhag Court, should not Minjur Dorji & Jigme Tshultim be denied their retirement benefits & Duty Prado & technically be terminate through dishonorable discharge?
    Also, there are reports of Jigmi Thinley having given away government vehicles to his personal staff – could The Bhutanese please dig this up & inform the public?
    Jigmi Thinley is also reported to have met with students in Sherubtse College during his recent election campaign – we believe this is not allowed by ECB.

    • I agree to you, Candable. One of student raised the question about G/ing land grab case to Lyonchen during Graduates orientation program. The immediate answer from JYT was “These all are media cooked up, blah blah blah” as if ACC accused those folks blindly. Even speaker Jigme T said ACC’s legal proof is based on Media’s paper during BBS interview. To DPT whoever disagrees with them are considered as enemy/ngolob/anti-govt/anti-nation. 

    • Come on, please don’t be so petty, what a small heart you have.

  2. It’s a clear indication of DPT’s mission to establish strong foundation of their autocracy.

  3. Now they are showing their true colors. I am sure if they return to power they will victimize ACC and this paper. Voters are still not late to identify and understand the dangers of subduing the ACC and the critical Media by elected government.

    The manifesto if true is signally strongly and dangerously to ACC and media in particular and general public at large.

  4. Harm to democracy (freedom) or harm to their party,… there is a big Question.

  5. Constitution and ACC Act do not contradict each other. Constitution gives ACC power to investigate. It also says, the report will be submitted to the OAG for prosecution. However, the Constitution do not bar the ACC from prosecuting. DPT can not assume anything that is unsaid by the Constitution. 

    If law is to be amended in line with the Constitution, this only mean “DPT to practice corruption and OAG not to prosecute, even if ACC finds major corruption”. Or OAG needs to be Constitutional Body, not Prime Minister’s Advisor!

  6. Heart core DPT

    The best manifesto to choose from all! DPT the best any way from three other!

  7. Tobden Chenpo

    If it is true, DPT is a danger to the country and democracy. It is slowly becoming a catharsis to the nation, a hidden knife in the butter.  It is up to the people to either let it happen and be carried away by the false hope and illusion or stop it. This time DPT has lost my confidence and my vote. 

  8. A patriot is someone who protects its people from the government and not the other way round.

  9. All the headline in this paper are all about DPT’s failure and propaganda to rule the government say rather their own ways. Information could be correct and authentic if this papers could also post information of such kind for formal opposing party and some other agencies thereby, it creates level playing field. One for i, hence forth i will be very skeptical about this paper and its information in it. I appreciated this paper when they were able to bring Gyelpozhing land case to public but now i know they got it . its always about one thing, that is to just consistently target to formal government.

    I hope, other people may also be careful about the information on this paper. May god safe the country from such pin pointed media. Miss using the media rights to the fullest.

    • If you want balanced view, just read Kuensel and watch BBS. There you get to see another side of DPT and its achievements. But this paper gives another perspective and brings to bare the hidden foxes. 

      What do you want this paper to write about PDP? Do you want to know how many times OL and Damcho fart in the NA?

  10. with 45 out 47 members in the National Assembly, I don’t understand how DPT didn’t realize the unconstitutional aspect of that particular provision in the ACC Act when they first passed it. It’s shame they are making an issue now and it only depicts their capacity and ability. I regret to have voted them to power in 2008.

  11. All educated lots have serious responsibility to save this nation from DPT coming back to power. I can sense an immense danger to our democracy that our Kings have genuinely and generously gifted to all Bhutanese. We cannot let few bunch of crooks take away our freedom.If elected, DPT will go to extreme extent to stop organization and people who opposes their policies. We should stop it before letting these crooks damage our country further. Please, i beg all educated people to leave no stone unturned to stop DPT from corrupting our precious Constitution and democracy. Let us not regret by electing them once again.

  12. oh god. DPT I think not it is over for you guys.

    • Bias reporting and targeting is favourite of this paper. I can’t think how reporters of this paper exist without thinking about DPT than ever by other. DPT is worshipped/ hatred like god/ghost. By public opinion at large DPT is definitely coming into power. I can’t think the lifeline of this paper. When anything is worshipped/hatred like any others, by virtue of karmic link things can happen accordingly or differently to ones wishes. So all readers should be careful of ones analysis through gathering of various information from medias.

    • It is just the beginning.

  13. At this juncture, voters must give their second thought while casting their vote. If they go for DPT, I think these people will harm our young and tender democracy. Those people were never ever satisfy with what they acquired the wealth of nation so far. It is in ur choice whether u want to have democratic leaders or autocratic leaders.

    • People must give even third thought while casting their vote to People’s Devil Party and Druk Nagging Tshokpa. They will sell Bhutan to China to buy Helicopters, Bolero and Excavators for 205 Geogs because there is no Rupee and Dollar. Silly promises!

  14. This is how DPT intends to build vibrant democracy in Bhutan. “NO LAWS ABOVE DPT”.
    NO constitutional bodies, No media and No individual citizen can question DPT. Can you guys just imagine the height of autocracy  and dictatorial nature of DPT government, still not accepting the truth even after it has been proved in and out of their corrupt practices. Do we want such type of leaders to lead this peaceful country?    

  15. WTF! DPT…..Its Over 

  16. All educated lots have serious responsibility to save this nation from DPT coming back to power. I can sense an immense danger to our democracy that our Kings have genuinely and generously gifted to all Bhutanese. We cannot let few bunch of crooks take away our freedom.If elected, DPT will go to extreme extent to stop organization and people who opposes their policies. We should stop it before letting these crooks damage our country further. Please, i beg all educated people to leave no stone unturned to stop DPT from corrupting our precious Constitution and democracy. Let us not regret by electing them once again.

  17. Poor anti DPT, you will never win people’s heart with this attitude. I would advice u guys to be calm and cool then you might probably do well in 2018 after JYT and his regimes resign. For winning votes there are ways and not promising too many stuffs. U guys go beyond and want to fool innocents. Please be mindful of Bhutanese people, we are one very advanced thinkers and if u guys go haywhile and make same mistake this time we may not see massive as OL. It could be some unexpected people there like massive himself becoming the OL in 2008.

  18. Me and my family of five are not going to vote for DRUK PRADO tshogpa in 2013…..

  19. The Bhutanese is the bad karma of DPT leadership. If DPT didn’t stoop so low to openly deny support to this media, things would have taken a different course. This is my thinking. 

    • I don’t think any government in power would give advertisements to a paper that keeps on lambasting them, this is the reality. If they did, they would be fools and this is what politics is all about , for better or worse.

  20. Let us see whether this paper will scrutinize the deeds of the next party in power with the same level of vigor and zeal. If not, I will persistently harp on this paper like a mad dog. 

  21. How about politicizing military by PDP and others and how about PDP cheating RCSC and ECB by fielding civil servants to qualify for primary round…

    • Kota, Karma and TL will have nothing to say about this, the DPT said nothing as it was a non issue for them, but just imagine what the OL, Kota, Karma and this paper would have proclaimed if it was the DPT who was at fault. exactly why we can’t stand this tool.

  22. Firstly, I do not believe in this paper because it keeps writing about the same issue all over for months and years. Secondly, this paper is surviving because of DPT since people are buying this newspaper who like to read negative coverage about DPT. Thirdly, Lamsang last week mentioned that this paper will target any party that comes to power, but DPT is is not governing the country now. Fourthly, the educated voters are actually trying to support DPT and save our country from negative politics and false biased reports by this paper. Fortunately, the collective fortune and wisdom of Bhutanese people will never ruin our nation.

  23. Pl God don’t let this b true. Our democracy is being Threatened. ACC was put in place Check n Balance politicians on Corruptions. Now if our politicians develop such attitude our democracy can not survive. Even after taking away so many Prados they still feel they deserve one more in 2018. Some people r surely attempting to concentrate power in their own hands. Pl think deeply before casting your votes

  24. Wow, what DPT has done to the country in the last 5 years, they should be only doing to their wives.  And now they have the cheek to throw the gauntlet to the ACC and The Bhutanese, Bhutanomics and the resurrected Bhutan Times.  Now since they can’t do anything to the websites, I guess they’ll be after the paper.  Sadly, that’s because they know they will win the election.  People like the wolf pack in DPT are a dime a dozen in democrazies of the third world.  Corrupt dictatorships reviled by the urban educated but keep being voted back to power by the rural masses.  Bringing tainted candidates like ex-health secretary and former Tshogpon’s son clearly demonstrates they don’t give 2 hoots about morality or ethics.  They are only after votes and they will do whatever it takes to come back.   Once they are back, and I think they will be back, just watch….they will do anything to hold on to power.  Dhenchi, Gyelpoizhing, Trowa Theatre, Lottery Scam, etc., etc., etc., will look like innocent pranks of  kindergarten children.  So, all their marked targets, beware.  You either run very far or hunker down and prepare to fight for your very lives!

  25. Great job you guys at the Bhutanese! Keep it up!
    One story I would like you to write about is:
    1. why are the former ministers and their families continuing to stay in the posh official residence of the ministers at Motithang?
    2. why are they allowed to use their former office drivers during their election campaign tours?
    3. why are they allowed to use their former security/police personnel during their election campaign tours?
    According to the grapevine, the ministry of finance had proposed for payment of nominal rent and cost of water and electricity for the official residence by the former ministers but flatly refused by the ministers in their last Cabinet Meeting on April 30. It is also understood that the same cabinet meeting decided to allow former ministers use of their personal security officers and official drivers during election tours and campaign
    Can it be similar to the Prados story?

  26. I think its important for all of us that we carefully analyse all information we come across and take very clear decision on it without being biased. Infact, we all know most of the things whether they are credible or not. Media and papers are just there  to remind us on those things.

  27. Whole life of TL will be busy writing against DPT because DPT will be in power more 50 years more……. 

  28. I think the DPT has still got the hang of incumbency. They are not able to shake it off when primary round is knocking on the door. What amazes me most is the level of patience and tolerance they are showing (or given to be shown) to the media houses. Why are they not taking the media to the court if they feel they are wronged. Let the court decide and people will know the truth.

    Wherever ex-PM goes he has been saying to use our heads and our own wisdom to judge the media and their reports. I say if he feels the media is being biased and dishing wrong information to the public, the onus lies with the people in the power to right the wrong. Saying he is being understanding to the meida houses for the sake of vibrant democracy and at the same time not coming out with appropriate answers for the media reports that has dug out many corruption charges and controversaries of the DPT smacks of hypocrisy and irony.

    Anyways, the gift of democracy from the golden throne is here to stay, whether any party has done good or bad, time will tell clearly.

    • Flabbergasted

      Gyelpozhing land case, two separate courts have passed the same verdict. Yet, this JYT is telling us to use our heads. Is he saying the courts are corrupt and passed the wrong verdicts?

      Anything that is against DPT/JYT, he tell us to use our heads before coming to conclusions. If its something the DPT does, he tells us its good for us and to follow it blindly. I am starting to hate this guy. Underestimating the intellect of the common bhutanese. But sadly there are many who will follow him blindly.

      We need people like OL and TL to openly challenge and refute this man. Our silence is only encouraging him. Today we are speaking behind computers, tomorrow lets hope we can do that openly without the protection of anonymity. 

      • Rightly said flabbergasted, people’s blind faith in JYT and their silence emboldens encourages them to do whatever they like and make him feel that he is indispensable to Bhutan.
        Lets see how stupid people are on 31/5/2013 and July 2013

        • Haha, still believing in someone calling himself flabbergasted, don’t know who to feel sorry for Flabbergasted or you.

      • Yes you can start hunger strike, pen down strike, dharna, chaka ban, railroko, beat up police force.
        People’s Devil Party’s promise of NINE MONTHS MATERNITY LEAVE for working mothers is not at all feasible. Instead why don’t you propose a Day Care Center for all the children.

        • Beat up police?? Ooooo..its one of DPT new candidate mena.. B practical man…9month maternity leave is feasible in our country wen its perfectly working in other countries. 

  29. DPT seems to be digging its own grave…

  30. Corrupt as we see and and we can sense more of these from DPT if it comes back to power. JYT always insist all bhutanese to be happy with what they have. He is indirectly telling us to be less ambitious and remain in the place where our ancestors lived. On the other hand we will see his day light robbery and hunger for power. He is not a man of word. He does not practice what he is preaching. TL good job and keep on doing this all the there are lot of nitwits that say this paper is biased. Explore some more on how he fenced acres of land near by his residence in Ngabiphu. 

    • Flabbergasted

      Our HM K4 came up with GNH. He practiced GNH, a king living in a cottage, with the welfare of the people always on his mind.

      JYT preaches GNH, practices none, is half the time out of the country, lives in a palace-like house, surrounded by ill gotten prados, with money and power always on his mind. And he tells us people don’t give him enough trust/respect because people are used to the monarchy. Thank god, our armed forces are not under him. Otherwise, this guy will turn Bhutan into Syria. 

  31. fix constitutional body and the fourth arm of the state. my goodness!!!!! this gunda party lead by baldy corrupt ap naka is no good at all.

  32. When JYT could go to HM asking Kidu for the Prados for themselves but he could not ask Kidu on behalf of thousands of southern Bhutanese whose citizenship(census case) is lying pending in the MoHCA since 1992 without any RTI to the silent victims. How can he show his smiling face before the helpless, voiceless and stateless people from the south, who had so much hope and trust of getting back their basic right of citizenship before dissolving his Govt. How many years does he need as he said that” proper procedures have to be followed to determine authenticity” of citizenship. Is the last 20 years not enough time to determine the authenticity? Pl read Meet the Press coverage by Kuensel dated Tuesday March 5, 2013, Insert *2 to prove his crocodile’s tears………….

  33. Hi guys, Don’t worry, people of Bhutan will speak out loud and clear on the 31st of May. The fortune of glorious Pelden Drukpa will always prevail. Bhutan has withstood all sorts of internal and external threats throughout its history and this time, it is no different at all. Few disgruntled people and one-sided reporting by some media can never destabilize our leaders.

    • Yes we are united and we will stand united.

    • Flabbergasted

      Yes, Bhutan has withstood all sorts of internal and external threats BUT DPT is not Bhutan. I wonder if all DPT supporters are like their DPT leaders, calling other citizens of the same country “traitors” when they don’t support their view.

      DPT is not Bhutan. The fall of DPT will not be the fall of Bhutan. In fact the fall of DPT will do wonders for Bhutan.

  34. It is not at all safe to vote for DPT now. Everything will be bulldozed ever harder in the next term if they come to power. I don’t know about others, but I am not voting for this crazy party!

  35. Who will lead the nation forward if JYT is not given the opportunity…..He is the right man for Bhutan.

    • people will think he is the only man who can lead Bhutan. Don’t be orthodox in thinking.

      • If JYT will not lead Bhutan, who wll then? PDP president-all crap, always sly and negative attitude person, President of DNT, her long gasping will scare away every one.

        • Flabbergasted

          For the rest of us, the political presidents are just political leaders and nothing else. For you, your political president is your master and you are his faithful blind dog. In a dog’s eyes, his master is the best. So, go talk to your fellow dogs (good) and hang out with them and spare us your BS.

        • Those who openly support DPT are the blood suckers of the nation.

      • At this nascent stage of our democracy, JYT is the only one fit to lead the country for the next 5 years. Do people really believe that OL, Aum Dorji Choden and Lily are at par with the PM, I am not saying that they are bad, but JYT is head and shoulders above them.

        And at this time, we need a world leader and not just a local leader and JYT is the best bet for our small country, that is, in-spite of his flaws.

  36. JYT…U r a rel bad man in Bhutan…We hate u……DPT should be kicked out….So corrupted gov….

  37. A value of an object is not known until it is lost. Everybody will cry for DPT’s come back if another with more corruption, less efficiency and bad attitude comes to power. This is the time we think one and act one. United, we rise, divided, we fall.

    • Flabbergasted

      An object cant be lost if you have never had it. We never had any of the other parties in power. So we don’t know if they will be corrupt or not, whereas the DPT candidates corruption is proven and well known.

      I for one, am willing to take the risk to loose this object(DPT) and vote for another party. Any other party cannot do worse than what DPT did and is planning to do.

      • Even if you are given 1000 chances to vote for other party, it will not make any difference, but you have only one vote do not get excited la.

  38. JYT shouts at those who do not perform. Naturally you will hate him.


    This is not even RTI yet gyelpozhing land grabbing, misuse of powers by ministers are uncovered, imagine what RTI would do,   This ministers will be naked. They will not even have hands to cover themselves. 

    That is why we need it but ministers fear it will spoil national security.

  40. And the export of gas cylinders to India must be going on for months, no wonder, residents of Phuntsholing always run short of cooking gas. But will anyone be punished, I doubt it. 

  41. i love DPT ….let them do what they want …i will vote for  DPT CHEERS

  42. other issues leaving aside, DPT saying that they will do this and that will harm two things first:
    the media freedom and that will harm democracy; the party cannot call the Galposhing case illegal as the honorable judges are of the view that ACC did the right thing(given the fact that OAG is just a puppet of the gov.). hope, the truth prevail for the people of bhutan.

  43. Whenever i see Prado on the road or park else where, i remember DPT. And now in order to lobby the votes, DPT makes false promise to prosecute ACC if they are re-elected, to 71 plot owners, 13 members committee, their relatives, friends and those that are fallen in the same line beyond Gyalposhing. Therefore please do not be assured with their weightless word and commit the same mistake committed in 2008. where as i wonder if they get at least one seat in the parliament.

  44. I wish DPT to come back once more to the power and give befitting answer to this paper for reporting one sided news as a matterof right in the peaceful Bhutan. People will come to know what rhis paper is doing one fine day. Any way, Bhutanese people are well aware of the very crual intention of this paper particularly. DPT should win this time otherwise this paper will create disharmony to our peacrful nation by underestimating other parties if they come to power. DPT should come once again to the power and fix this kind of activities in our country. ALL THE BEST DPT 

  45. Now, tell me which party is not corrupted? DNT’s Jigme Zangpo is also a land beneficiary of Gyelpozhing case and the party also gave lunch to the voters at Rangjung. PDP and DCT have unlawfully included a civil servant each as their party candidates without their resignation. People have always expressed about DPT’s corruption cases. So, which party is clean?

  46. Ai Sam Nai Sam

    Dear Pema Gastshelpas
    It is time for us to stop saying Ai Sam Nai Sam. But it is fortunate that JYT is not saying Ai Sam Nai Sam to Pema Gyashelpa which is good sign of development in the country.
    May be JYT was telling this Ai Sam Nai Sam when he was there in Pema Gyatshel during 8th century . He was brought up in western Bhutan but at least he knows Sharchop without saying Ai Sam Nai Sam and he learn sharchop before 2006 when he new that Bhutan will become democracy and stick to be a Pema Gyatshelpa. He had brought development when he was a DPT leader to Pema Gyatshelpa by not using Ai Sam Nai Sam. Pema Gatshelpas are puppet of JYT and they believe that they have good leader from Pema Gyatshel which is not actually from there. If is he reall Pema Gyasthelpa then why Pema Gyatshel is still in the darkness and it is one of the poorest region in the country. JYT was a influential leader even before he was DPT leader , if he was really Pema Gyatshelpa he would have developed at par with other districts. He knows we Pema Gyatshelpa are frog in the porn who listens. We Pema Gyatshelpas wake up and do something try to change mentality. Before i had full support to JYT in Nangnong-Shumar demkhong but now when i think again and again i have full doubt that after he being elected once again he may forget Pema Gyatshel thinking that he is going to resign from politics after 2018 and he feels that he no more can relay on Ai Sam Nai Sam especially to Nangnong -Shumur Demkhong. Because i is no more Pema Gyatsehlpa by birth. I cannot believe he has many birh place..one is in Bumthang..one is in Kurtoe ..one is from Paro …thank god he didnt say i am from Afganistan. Pls pema gyatshelpa think and vote for others…we will never benefit from this poor man after 2018…

  47. hi ai sam nai sam,
    what the hell are you talking about. You know JYT. Forget about 2008 elections, he was one of the most capable person in Government of bhutan before unfortunate person like you were born. (Khotsa, soinam kam pai na nan roktey so ngo chilo ga kurpa yula khap). You forget about reaching his level in this generation but you even can’t dream of that. Don’t be misguided by others and don’t try to curse especially Lyonpo Jigme Yoezer Thinley. If you are from Pema Gatshel, I should say you are lucky to have person like him and infact should happy. I don’t know what a very very very very narrow minded person you are. How can you say poor man? Seems you are begger begging votes rather than having quality to bestow trust by people. No one can match him and land slide victory is always there as before. 

    • Ai Sam Nai Sam

      Hi Samshing 
      Yes i know JYT is corrupted man. Yes i have already forgotten him that he was one of the bad capable person in Government of Bhutan before fortunately i was not known before that JYT was a real Ai Sam Nai Sam.If i was known that he was corrupted man i would have not voted on 2008. I was not known that he cheated Ai Sam nai sam poeple like you who is still prog in the porn who still think that JYT is your father from Nannong Shumar. Khotsa gi sho Tam lekpu sha Yikcha …na gai thai gai nan po man cha..jinggi roka korgai ham tur rang seley. Rog songo Chilu corrupted man ga korpa tapha kabnai ..jang khepo songngo mangka phen togpai..nan tai sha  …Rogki corrupted ani..teru shama nongpa oh phela ko…kotsa rigpu rimdru cho nan…2018 gai la naiba JYT gi thub tha la kapnai. nan tai sha gaiphey gedu…Auzu Rongpa Nan) ..Yes i have already forgetton  about reaching his level of coruuption because i cannot stand with him for corruption and cheated man and i cannot dream that i cannot be like him who is more corrupted. Juta Nong pa mo nan….Jang khey po jangten zai nei chuncha ….mapa jinggi coruupted ani ta habtur rang nongpai..la.. Nanpu rogkhai corrupt phelai ga lamcha gisa ko..Ai Sam Nai Sam. Yes i am from Pema Gyatshel and i should say that i am  sad  of his action and cheated Ai Sam Nai Sam people of Pema Gyatshel after 2008. I also dont know what a very very very very narrow minded person like you who still Ai Sam Nai Sam tradition. Yes he is poor man because he is cheating Bhutan forget about Pema Gaytshelpa. i am not begging the votes rather try to make balance here what is true and un ture. Do you think that the person like him who demands Prado and pretends to be a Pema Gyasthel pa will help after 2018. Did you ever known that he was Pema Gyastehl before 2008. Oh man pls wake up. Till 2012 end i had full support to DPT but now i have completely forgetton after institution of Prado Tshogpa. Hope you also one of Prado Tshogpa and Prado Kotsa. I am not concern about votings…but I am concern about whole Nation though I am not a dignitary person like them . I hv concern here. Pls dont be proud that JYT belongs to Pema Gyatshel when we had known JYT before 2008 and still we Pema Gyatshel pa are frog in the pron. Yes i agree one will catch him for corruption and you must be following his path and landslide victory will be there in corruption…..

  48. first of all remove ur corrupted people and thn talk abouyt resolving the cases

  49. Hello Aisam Nai Sam,
    Jing gi god pa khap nan party soso bakai juta nyongpa ofey la ko. Son ngo lekpo Druk Gyelkhap ka Lyonchen ga chak kai nan dabu soinam ma wa ga prangpo ge cho youe lay marba na. Lekpo Moelam tap cho nan oma ta dasur zalay lang pa cha gewa la dozog rang nang dokpay ga lay shar du na roktey son ngo chilo ga noksam malek po meenni nan. Nan ga tolop bum thur fang nyongcha ge san ko jigtra tshongma god pa khap ta. Jang la mala zalay lang po lani rega nanga ning tshigtshing ga tolop nyongni.

  50. Lots of words in the media. Lots of “dry mushrooms” are offered to us. No matter what people tell now, as long as the human gene for desire and greed is not rooted out, at the end of the day, people will behave same. The gene for hunger for power, money, authority, fame, name, respect, etc will be there in every human being. So, leaving aside my personal expectations and for the sake of generations of Bhutanese yet to come, I will vote for party with people who demonstrate leadership quality, demonstrate capacity and capability to do things on the ground, party that will convery words into action and lead us towards GNH. We are far from achieving GNH. All can aspire to be leaders but not all can be leaders. We need followers to be leaders.

  51. What the hell is this ai sam nai sam telling?

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