DPT makes a clean sweep in Zhemgang

Dpt_symbolThe Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) candidate Gyembo Tshering from Bardo-Trong under Zhemgang Dzongkhag won the 2013 primary rounds with 1,869 votes and DPT candidate Dorji Wangdi from Panbang Demkhong won the primary rounds of the National Assembly, 2013 with 1,580 votes.

In Bardo-Trong the DPT victor was followed by the DNT candidate Leki Dorji with 1,702 votes.

“It’s just a primary round. I think the public had made a right choice since DPT is a capable party and many capable personalities are also there. Many of our former Lyonpos are also in DPT,” Gyembo Tshering said. “I had never thought about preparation for the next round. I had been concentrating on the primary round.”

He added that there is nothing much to be happy nor excited, “I didn’t even know that I got the highest vote from my Demkhong since I am in one of the remotest area of our Demkhong(Khomzhar), and in fact it is a huge responsibility toward my Demkhong if I get through in the final round.”

DPT candidate Dorji Wangdi the winner from Panbang Demkhong was followed by PDP candidate Sangay Dorji with 839 votes in total.

Dorji Wangdi said “I am not sure about the results; it may or will have some changes later.”

He added that winning one or two Demkhongs doesn’t count. This time’s election is for the whole party, not for individual candidates.

“Even If I win from my Demkhong and total voters number is not in our favor it’s of no use. If his party makes it to the final round, we are ready to fight the battle. Of course we are prepared and things are being looked at positively and fingers are crossed. I don’t know the results yet since I don’t have access to any media, not even a radio, but am receiving calls from media people and my well wishers so I get updated,” he said.

Damchoe / Thimphu

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