DPT meets business community

About hundred businessmen and women gathered for the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s (DPT) meeting on Economic Action Plan (EAP) addressed by its North and South Thimphu candidates at the YDF hall yesterday evening.

The North Thimphu candidate Kinga Tshering said the EAP will address the immediate problems of Rupee shortage and access to credit and private sector development. Also, its sector-wise strategy and action plans would boost exports, reduce imports and create employment and would be implemented in its first-year of government.

DPT committed an amount of Nu 8.70 billion for the EAP.

“Economic stimulus plans are necessary to revive economics in recession and Bhutan is currently facing a reverse situation,” he added.

The DPT pledged to provide employment to over 140,000 youth who will be in the job market within next five years. With different views and creating ideas the private sector with support from the government must meet country’s self-sufficiency goals.

The Rupee crisis and national debt could be solved by the mega-hydro projects, Dungsam Cement project, and improvement in the tourism sector, said the DPT North Thimphu candidate.

“If elected, it will be solved in its first year of Government consulting with Royal Monetary Authority (RMA),” he added.

He addressed boosting private sector development by supporting manufacturing goods which can be exported to foreign countries, and earn income in return curtailing the imported goods to as less as possible.

He also talked on providing incentives to the agricultural sector and market access for the products to be sold, providing loans to the firms and insurance of the goods.

With regards to the recent issue of hike in price of LPG and Kerosene, he said the Government of India (GoI) is facing economic problems and completion of hydro-power plants would earn what the Bhutanese are investing now.

DPT South Thimphu candidate, and former works and human settlement minister Yeshey Zimba highlighted the negative statements made about the DPT. He said that national debt is incurred mainly due to construction of the mega hydro-projects. Talking about the budget of the 11th five-year plan which is projected at Nu 234bn, he said that the budget will be allocated for societal development.

”The 10th five-year plan budget was received only after the proposal had been made,” he added.

He also shared about the relationship between India and Bhutan where he claimed that because of the current talks on the relationship, the GOI reacted. GOI had promised to provide the budget for 11th five-year plan as discussed earlier.

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