DPT President Pema Gyamtsho

DPT President strong in his Bumthang base

The Party President of DPT, Pema Gyamtsho secured a total of 2,540 votes as compared to 921 votes by DNT’s candidate, Dawa Tangpa. The PDP and BKP combination comes to a total of 1,285 votes.

Even if the combined voters of PDP and BKP decide to vote for DNT, they would still fall short of 334 votes.

Chhoekhor –Tang

The president of DPT, Pema Gyamtsho said that his support base has further strengthened in his constituency as compared to the primary round. “There has been a general appeal from my side to every voter to support DPT, I, however did not make any concerted efforts to convince the PDP and BKP supporters to vote for DPT.”

In fact, the party president said that some of the party supporters and coordinators of BKP and PDP approached themselves and said they wanted to express their support to DPT.

Pema Gyamtsho said this fortunate change can be attributed to the fact that DPT, after having served as a ruling government and opposition, has proven as a party to trusted over the years.

In regard to the possibility of shift in the supporters of DPT to DNT, the party president said that they is no way such a shift can happen. “DPT has a committed base of voters and there is no chance they’ll switch parties,” said Pema Gyamtsho.

The party president said the if DPT comes to power, it will continue with the works initiated by the previous government, focus on development of the town, plans to promote Bumthang as the number one tourist destination in the country, improve roads and drinking water among others.

Dawa Tangpa, who’ll be contesting against his uncle and party president of the DPT, said that although he cannot preempt anything as of yet, he has been giving his best during the familiarization tours and campaigns by informing the electorates that it is important to come forward and vote in order for their favored party to be in the ruling rather than opposition.

“I do not have specific strategies to get support from the PDP and BKP voters as such, but I’m happy to know that people have been coming forward to express their support to me and the party. “The Bhutanese electorate have matured in terms of the electoral processes and they not only know the national interest well but they also understand the political dynamics much better. However, I think 90 percent of the PDP voters might switch in favor of DNT.”

“My immediate attention, if DNT comes to power, would be to bring unity in the region as it currently evident that the dzongkhag is divided along political lines. Thus, DNT as a neutral party, can definitely bring peace and harmony without being biased to any of the supporters.”He said that rather than lamenting over the fact that their parties did not get through, BKP and PDP supporters have moved on and are coming forward to express their support by convincing him not to worry and are motivating him.


DPT’s Karma Wangchuk won the primary round after securing 968 votes while DNT’s Phuntsho Namgay secured 699 votes. With the PDP and BKP combination coming to 1,129 votes, and with just a difference of 269 votes between DNT and DPT, the votes could swing either way. However, even if a simple majority of PDP supporters vote in favor of DNT, the party could win with that push.

DPT’s Karma Wangchuk said that as of now he can see equal chances between both the parties as the combination of the PDP and BKP voters could swing either way.

He said that he has been trying to interact with PDP and BKP supporters as far as possible.

“However, I’ve noticed most of the PDP and BKP supporter showering indirect support to DNT on many occasions.

If DPT comes to power, my first priority would be the Bumthang town development, farm roads, and to give support to the famers in every possible way.”

DNT’s Phuntsho Namgay said that he believes that the people will recognize the need of the hour, the need for better healthcare, the need for unity from years of political division, and the need for change.

“I trust the wisdom of our people will prevail eventually,” said Phuntsho. He added he appealed to the voters to put the nation’s interest first and asked them to support who would best serve the interest of the country and its people as envisioned by the visionary Monarchs.

“You never know which way the support would swing. Like I said, it is best left to their judgment to determine which political party best represents the needs of the time. And if given a chance, we will work on providing improved health services, better roads, improved mobile network and diffuse the division created by our election process,” said Phuntsho Namgay.

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