DPT says no to candidate-swapping

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) declared yesterday that there would be no change in the line-up of the party candidates for the general elections.
“We have 47 candidates for the 47 constituencies, each one is selected on the basis of his/her merit, and the capacity to contribute to the nation as members if elected to the national assembly,” said former Prime Minister and DPT president Jigmi Y. Thinley.
Regarding the speculations on DPT and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) trying to attract candidates from Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT), he said that DPT has no idea of what is happening behind closed door in the series of DNT meetings happening, and that his party does not have a reliable sources or information on the possibility of a merger between PDP and DNT.
“DPT is opposed to any kind of mergers and horse-trading that would possibly compromise some of the constitutional provisions and the constitutional intents,” he said.
Former Lyonpo of agriculture and forests (MoAF) ministry, Dr Pema Gyamtsho who is the vice president of political affairs of DPT said, “The idea of holding primary elections was to filter two parties for the general elections, and if the party or the candidates are allowed to merge, the whole process is disturbed.”
The DPT highlighted that those parties who have planned to merge will not only compromise the party’s own values, principles, and ideologies, but also will raise questions on ethics and morality beyond the possibility of constitutional provisions being violated.
“The intent of participating is not to win and form the government, it should be based on party principles and ideologies, and party should not compromise on what they stand for,” said Dr Pema Gyamtsho.
The DPT viewed the primary elections as a process where parties offered an alternative choice for the people to choose from, based on clear ideologies, visions, principles, and set of programs for socio-economic, and political development of country.
“During NC elections, the choice is based on the individual merit, whereas in NA, the ideologies and philosophies must be taken into considerations,” said DPT president Jigmi Y. Thinley.
The DPT president said having a strong opposition is not necessary.
He said DPT as a government for the last 5 years has strengthened, and given full support to the creation of a very effective check-and-balance system, given effectiveness to the over-side mechanism that have been established in accordance to the constitutional provisions with very strong and efficient judiciary system, an objective National Council, a powerful Anti-corruption Commission (ACC), totally independent Royal Audit Authority (RAA), and completely independent media.
The DPT president said the party has no plans to replace any of its party candidates.

Tshering Dorji 

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  1. Bhutanese politics is uniquely designed by bringing in two-party system of US and multi-party system of other democracies. People are given a choice in the primary election to vote the best two party amongst multiple parties. Then the Election act brilliantly offers opportunities to capable candidates to join either of the best in accordance to the law and willingness of the two winning party. Only best candidates will be offered a place by the two winning parties. That is good for the country and good for the party. Jihadist like political ideology and enslavement is not needed for Bhutan. We cannot afford to divide our country based on political ideologies. That is why our Constitution is designed to avoid such problems. It is also good for the candidates because Bhutan is a small country and there is hardly any opportunities non-technical politicians. Moreover a party cannot sustain or take care of its candidates for the long five years. Individually, they need to explore all opportunities at their disposal. The best opportunity for the politician is to seek a position as a politician.

  2. “The intent of participating is not to win and form the government, it should be based on party principles and ideologies, and party should not compromise on what they stand for,” said Dr Pema Gyamtsho.

    Dr.Pema Jamtsho, If the people of your constituency wants you to represent them even after if your party loose from Primary round what will you say. In democracy people choose their representative to represent them is the highest law making body and the majority of peoples choice cant take part in the General round where is the charm of Democracy.

    As clearly stated by DPT President day before in BBS DPT Party at all don’t want to have  Opposition member in the House so that they can do what ever they like.

    If Given chance DPT will form their own opposition in 2018 so that they can dominate the opposition easily. Best Example they are trying to keep NC house under their control. Two members in NC house name Rinzin Dorji from Punakha and Sangay Khandu From Samtse are their (DPTS) people in NC house. Those two Guys are sponsored by DPT for their degree course in Thailand. If party Swapping is unconstitutional then what can we call sponsoring NC member as. 

    DPT should mind their own business and whether it is unconstitutional or ConstitutionalI think ECB will be knowing better than DPT. 

    • This is the IQ some of the PDP’s supporters possess, DPT will form their own opposition party, I am worried that some people can actually think like this.

  3. This is wost nightmare for DPT having 8 DNTs joining PDP. It is time for DPT to host more Lyungdars….lol. It was a wise stand to say “NO” to candidate swapping AFTER getting NO from 3 DNT candidates, all those who have won during primaries. What a freak politics? anyways I could see a free horse riding in the beautiful garden of cherry/peach blossom while cranes are still flying in the sky so high.

    • Nightmare, that will be reserved for the DNT candidates, how will they face their own supporters once they lose the elections.

      • PDP but now DPT

        Dorji Choden, Jigme Zangpo, Lekey Dorji, Apa Kinley, Norbu wangchuk who pretended to be “Nyamchung” turned into a rich “Wangtse Chirphel”. If i am one of them, i wouldnt be able to face people in the constituencies for saying one thing in few weeks back and completely different thing after a couple of months! Its nothing but desparate of holding power and subdue innocent villages by betraying through lip services!

        Norbu Wangchuk told in BBS that there is regionalism.. On what basis this psycho is making such remarks??? He made such a dangerous remarks on BBS!!! PDP have good share of votes in eastern while DPT have good share of votes from west! There is no issue of regionalism when Nyamrup won in Thrimshing! Once he said DPT cordinators are like dog and now he makes dangerous noise that there is regionalism! Such kind of comments is not acceptable in Media. It is due to such people such things happen. Many including me had not conceived about the regionalism but psychic remarks from a psycho made me mad man!!! 

        • bhutanobserver

          It is not regionalism. It is voting analysts. The truth. And why do you go from PDP  but now DPT? We learned in our primaries ” Practice before you preach”. Agreed that you are against candidates shifting, but the only disadvantage of it is the losing chances of DPT is higher now, otherwise the general public will benefit with proper check and balance, which clearly indicate that you were never a ONCE PDP. You think you are cyber savvy and can create doubts in the innocent Bhutanese population but it is you people who taught us the tricks and Yes, Thanks. Otherwise, these things are beyond your understanding, so just keep out of it.

    • How does it become a nightmare for DPT when two parties join to lose again, where’s your logic.

  4. Power hungry politicians are so cheap and fake jumping from party to party looking for blue kabney and patang just like monkeys jumping from tree to tree in looking for fruits. We voters are ashamed if not you politicians. 

  5. all the best wishes to power hungry candidates!

  6. If Given chance DPT will form their own opposition in 2018 so that they can dominate the opposition easily. 

    Ap Chundu, I think the DPT has better things to do than form their own opposition party, are you that stupid or what to write such things. 

  7. Giving our politicians a second chance to opt for either of the parties after the primary makes perfect sense for Bhutanese democracy.  Firstly there are no ideological variations among our parties – anyone claiming otherwise is either high on something or DPT President and his subjects.  Secondly it increases the otherwise narrow options for someone throwing in her lot into politics in the revolving scenario.  And lastly and most importantly, it greatly enhances our democracy by providing the supporters of an outstanding candidate to vote for whichever party he or she chooses to join after elimination in the primary.
    It is very convenient to interpret the provisions of any rule book, including and especially the constitution to suit own narrow interests but we must always be practical and flexible when the long-term interest of the people and the country are clear. 
    And another thing I am sick of is the narrow, rigid manner in which the ECB is functioning.  Yes, I fully understand the need for it to be the guardian of our fragile democracy and they must strictly enforce the rules against any deliberate attempts to subvert them.  But they must also realize that they have the power to deny the vote to our citizens the right to vote using the candidate of excuses and this is an unforgivable sin not only against the individual citizen who has been denied that precious right but also against our Kings who have dedicated their lives so every Bhutanese may exercise his/her franchise.  The officials of the ECB therefore, must not behave like they can deny this sacred gift from the Golden Throne as lightly as they are doing right now.  I cannot see what is so difficult in ensuring that every half a dozen of the Bhutanese voter is extended as much convenience and opportunity of exercising his right to vote.  So far, I’m angry with the ECB that they have been acting as the sadistic gate-keeper maliciously waiting for every little excuse to deny us the right to vote.  I urge them to use their precious power to assist and to facilitate rather than to deny and block and throw the book at every chance.  This is not good for the healthy growth of our democracy.  Please lighten up…be strict with organized and powerful vested interests that try to sabotage democracy for their own narrow interest – like the DPT leaders are doing all the time.  But be flexible, facilitating and forgiving to the ordinary citizens as we go forward to the crucial final round of elections!   Please,  I beseech you.

  8. Pema Jamtso of DPT is quoted as saying that allowing a candidate to join a winning party after primary is not good because it will encourage formation of many parties in future.  This is typical nonsense like almost everything his boss has been braying.  What is so bad about the Bhutanese voter being given as much choice as possible, even if this highly unlikely thing were to materialize?  But the fact that even 3 parties struggled to qualify demonstrates that given our limited pool of eligible candidates, it is just not going to happen.  So, show some respect for the intelligence of the average Bhutanese.   Don’t insult us by trying to mislead us all the time….and tell your leader to stop insulting all the oversight bodies…come to think of it, everybody…..like the ACC, the ECB, the Courts, the media, the civil servants, the staff of the Royal Secretariat, lol…we are not his subjects for heavens sakes.  He can give his tsodas when you have your DPT meetings, not anywhere else, savvy?

  9. I am confused how our once Nymchung party members will serve by joining a party having different manifesto and ideology. From one angle, it sounds that they used the word nymchung to garner votes from Bhutanese People and from another angle this shows how selfish of these bunch of people hunting after power by leaving their own party and other fellow party members. When they get offer, they tend to forget others. The same thing will happen even if some of them happen to get through in the general election, no doubt that they will forget the supporters once their wallet is packed. I am wondering, why ECB is wasting out Govt. budget by conducting primary round instead ECB could have asked parties to discuss and form two parties who can go directly to the general round. I think it is time for us to change the people and also the style of ECB functioning at the moment. We could sense many unusual things happening with ECB where the instances like disqualifyng DKP but letting some candidates to become member of PDP without resigning from the service and defending by saying some un realistic things to the people of Bhutan. It was very unfortunate for BKP for not going against ECB’s decisions otherwise by now the court might have given the verdit. So sad we the bhutanese people. 

  10. It is interesting to read the comments filed above. First interesting thing is about the merger of loser party to a winning party. If the purpose of primary round of election is to bestow the pass to two largest vote securing parties, the poll was definitely to choose those parties, but not the candidates. So it appears that the votes depend on the party ideology, philosophy for ensuring stable and strong democratic culture, the line of party thinking as a right-wing or left or as a socialist, democratic, conservative or progressive. However Bhutanese voters are not so matured to distinguish one party from another on this line.

    Second interesting thing is about the DPT’s grudge on candidate swapping or replacing one by another. DPT might be fearing a stronger opposition this time, so want to ward off that danger of being too criticized. After all they are former bosses who do not want to see a opposing voice and fear a stronger citizenry.

  11. Most of the comments are longer than actual new. I know it will be bad about DPT. Learn to live with since they are going to win upcoming election

  12. People from grass root level are best to serve the welfare of people who are really need of development in rural regions of our country, so vote for the innocent and best candidates.

  13. Actuallyt it is good for DPT if they win even against coalition of DNT and PDP.

  14. DPT will definitely win leave alone the coalition.

  15. bhutanobserver

    Dear Khochung, Wangpo and Citizen, will you care to read the editorials of kuensel last Monday where it is written that it might become uncomfortable for some of the lyonpos who had been wearing the orange kabney since decades might have to use the blue kabney. There is a chance of that and that is why kuensel, the most trusted and accurate newspaper of Bhutan printed it. Dear friends, let us go for the good of the country and not just blindly support one party. For me, I don’t mind which party comes to power but all I want is a strong opposition so that the ruling party can’t do whatever they like, just like in the past five years.

  16. It is will of the majority Bhutanese who will make DPT landslide victory, I and you can not do anything tey! What do you say Mr.bhutanobserver?

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