DPT says sure of another win in North Thimphu

Damchoe Pem/ Thimphu

DPT has identified Chencho Nidup, 30, as their candidate for North Thimphu.

Chencho Nidup graduated from Jodhpur University, Rajasthan, with a BBA in 2014. Since then he has been doing event management in Thimphu.

Opposition leader Pema Gyamtsho said there were many who came forward but in today’s situation they needed a person who knows the situation of the country well.

He also said that a candidate should know what is needed in the constituency and what people’s expectations are from the candidate. “We don’t want a person who can win but we prefer a candidate with a good heart and who can work for the country and people with full dedication no matter even if the person is a youth,” the opposition leader said.

On the resignation of the former North Thimphu candidate, Kinga Tshering, the opposition leader said a lot of discussion had been held and he had been requested to stay back.

“We requested him not to resign because firstly, it will affect our young democracy and secondly it will dishearten the people of the constituency”,

With freedom of choice being a fundamental right they had to let him resign. “Most importantly, we should know that he has been working hard all the time and taking on many responsibilities,” the opposition leader said.

In his absence the party with their new candidate hopes to continue with what has been done until now. They are hopeful of winning the bye-election, scheduled for the first week of November 2016.

“We don’t have any doubt in winning the bye-election, we are going to win and will work in an even better way for the constituency wholeheartedly and transparently,” the opposition leader said.

Khar-Yurung MP Zangley Drukpa said that the candidate is not only educated and intelligent but he is also good looking as the gathering laughed.

Despite requests from the media the DPT  did not take any questions from the media on the candidature and the OL said that they would speak once the elections are over.

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