DPT supporters withdraw Petition to the Supreme Court

Earlier, the group of 50 had announced a sojourn from Trashigang to petition against the court verdict that convicted the two ministers

The petition to be submitted by the 50 Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) supporters from Trashigang to the Supreme Court chief justice has been withdrawn.

The submission was with regards to the Gyelpozhing land case and the Mongar district court verdict passed on 8 March.

Talking to The Bhutanese, the DPT coordinator Gyembo from Trashigang said “there were allegations against the DPT supporters that since we are DPT supporters we were trying to defend our ministers. So we decided to cancel the petition but people belonging to the constituencies of the two ministers are planning to file a petition.”

The DPT coordinator of Trashigang said the public would sign the petition and give it to the Chief Justice, Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye within 10 days.

The people of Trashigang feared the National Assembly (NA) Speaker Jigme Tshultim and home minister Minjur Dorji might not be able to contest for the upcoming parliamentary elections due to consequences of the verdict so they will be adding just a point in the petition which is that the two Ministers should be allowed to take part in the elections.

Meanwhile Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye said “As of now the petition has not reached me and I cannot decide on my own but have to discuss with the other fellow justices.”

The Party coordinator said many people in Trashigang feel that injustice is being done to two Ministers as they were involved in a case that happened much before the country’s conversion to a democracy and the formation of the institution of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to the coordinator, challenging the Authority (ACC), the people of Trashigang have said, “Since it is the duty of OAG to prosecute the case why has ACC taken up the case. And questioning ACC, the people said there might be so many similar such cases, so will the same investigation be done on those cases too.

A 58-year old farmer from Radhi said, “We voted for  Lyonpo (Speaker) and he has done so many things for the Gewog and it is sad to know that he won’t be able to contest in the upcoming election just because of the verdict. What happened in past is past, why penalize it now. The verdict should be reviewed and they should be allowed to participate.”

While another farmer said, “it is sad to know that our two Lyonpos won’t be able to contest but we will pray that the high court will review the case and give justice.”

Chencho Dema / Thimphu



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  1. F*#** off with these f*#**** villagers, i smell some conspiracy of DPT and two culprit Lyonpos in this action. 

  2. Thos bullshits villagers don’t know what the Law is meant for? They also need to b jailed….

  3. That Gyembo is a relative of the Hon’ble Speaker. No wonder he was coordinating the “appeal group”. “People of Trashigang”?? Really? All the people??? The majority??? Or just the their relatives and few supporters??? Common, don’t generalize. I am not sure if even 20% of Trashigangpas feel what this Gyembo and gang feels.

  4. who is this JOKER Gembo Dorji? Jail him. Nglops!!!

  5. Horrified to learn that the culprit duo and their chamchas using the names of poor villagers as shields to defend the misdoings of the duo.

    Was waiting to see how things would have unfolded once these 50 something so-called-JigmeTshultim-supporters dare go against the King and country. Would have loved to see Justice teach them that there is something called a rule of Law…

  6. Young candidates of young democracy- From Bhutan News Service
    The election commission of Bhutan has
    announced the date for National
    Council election for 23 April and it has
    been decreed by the king.
    The National Council serving as the upper house of bhutanese parliament is an apolitical body having five members as appointee of the king. Rest are elected through electoral ballots
    that are not based on the political
    exercise but on the merit of party who fielded them.
    It is quite a surpassing phenomenon
    that most aspiring candidates are too young to contest the election and win a seat in such important constitutional body, ultimately to contribute to the legislative process.
    Sarpang has three aspirants, two in thirty and one just twenty-seven.
    Raghu Pati Suberi should have been in Paro, Sonam Wangchuk is merely 25, right age for pursuing degrees in college. The other contestant, 57, is likely to be the constitutional post holder.
    Tshering Wangchen and Sonam
    Wangchuk from Mongar are young and probably energetic for their age, but can have less energy to spend for the constitutional processes and law-
    making discourses.
    Haa has lone candidate to this date, 32 year old Khandu Wangchuk, who can be unanimously voted to the NC seat.
    In the east, Samdrupjongkhar is not just the border district but also place for diverse potential and quite known for the educated manpower. Yet development has slowed down and there is poor performance in the key areas with urban-focused development. Sangay Lhendup, 31 from
    Dewathang might want to reflect the issues plaguing the district.
    Tsirang’s Novin Darlami and Sangay Tamang are fit to represent the youth voice but not to take the pride of being a representative to parliament. Yet,
    their courage to contest against more matured ones, should be applauded.

  7. This is democracy! Everyone has right to do anything.Mr. Mind please do not use the word Bullshit Villagers, all of us are sons and daughters of villagers. If there is no villagers, Bhutan will not even exist.

    • Laksam democracy dosnt mean that every body can do anything beyond the law of the kingdom. My dear they are Bjobs what will they know, If our Chief Justice threaten them they will reveal everything, There will be one one the corrupted speakers relative who wants to make his corrupted Uncle to recontest.


      U seems to be dpt chamcha appointed to support in the bhutanese www. I dont get angry with u, its ur bread n butter, carry on, we tolerated corrupt leader, another small timers like u will do no harm to us.

  8. I am not the supporter of DPT nor any !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but Mr. Pema should know how to use the language … What Nglops is!!! I think he should analysis before it should be published.

    yes u may be true for the corrupt practiced done by the officials as per the verdict.

    We the small society should not be saying Nglops until the peoples do not go against the security of the country.  

    • hey changzey who taught words ngalops. our Prime minister and why cant poor people can use. And this group of people are nagalops coz they r going against the country law. and they should be jailed like speaker and home minister

  9. Mr. GARA, people have right to appeal to higher authority if they feel they have not been given justice by the lower authority. Appealing is not breaking the law. You got it now,

  10. in 2008 right after the elections,  hundreds of PDP supporters gathered to appeal to His Majesty to take back democracy because they lost to DPT. today DPT supporters wanted  to submit a petition to the supreme court because they are going to lose two MPs , i guess a precedence was set right from the day we stepped into democracy. 

  11. lets not blame on villagers. while going through the gelposhing verdict, i hv seen that corrupt leaders ate the loaf of bread,while in the end, the comitee members were also sent to jail.its not the workers below, but the corrupt leaders who did everything. now when we say that ppl wanted submit a petition 2 suprem court, we can sense some corrupt officials hand…….lets pray that corrupt officials be eliminated.

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