DPT sweeps Pemagatshel & Trashiyangtse

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) bagged the highest votes from all the three constituencies; Nanong-Shumar, Nanglam and Khar-Yurung, in Pemagatshel. Similarly, DPT won from both the constituencies; Boomdeling-Jamkhar and Khamdang-Ramjar, in Trashiyangtse.

From Nanong- Shumar, DPT secured total of 3,561 votes (1,728 EVM + 1,888 PB). Likewise, DNT secured 1,513 votes (676 EVM + 837 PB). PDP got 845 (560 EVM + 285 PB) and BKP got 482 (221 EVM +261 PB).

From Nanglam, DPT secured 3,112 votes (1679 EVM + 1,433 PB), DNT secured 1,350 votes (695 EVM + 655 PB), PDP secured 516 votes (297 EVM + 219 PB) and BKP secured 223 votes (192 EVM +121 PB).

From Khar- Yurung constituency, DPT secured 4,045 votes (1,434 EVM + 2,620 PB), DNT secured 1,487 votes (525 EVM + 962 PB), PDP secured 411 votes (173 EVM + 238 PB) and BKP secured 393 votes (186 EVM + 207 PB). Meanwhile, from Boomdeling _Jamkhar constituency in Trashiyangtse, DPT bagged the highest votes with 2,701 total votes (1,425 EVM + 1,276 PB) and PDP bagged the second highest with 1,567 total votes (927 EVM + 640 PB).  DNT could secure 1,471 total votes (518 EVM + 953 PB) and BKP with 402 votes (113 EVM + 289 PB).

From Khamdang-Ramjar constituency, DPT secured 2,742 votes (1465 EVM + 1277 PB), DNT secured 1,770 votes (816 EVM + 954 PB), PDP secured 1,242 votes (790 EVM + 452 PB) and BKP secured 418 votes (178 EVM + 240 PB).

DPT’s candidate from Nanong-Shumar constituency, Lungten Namgyel, said that DPT offers the best choice and that they will not use any money power to buy votes. “For the nation, for equity and justice and to serve Tsa-Wa-Sum, we will do so with a clean heart. This is what we have been doing since 2008 election and will work with full dedication,” he added.

Apart from the national pledge, he said that DPT will first solve the issue of water problems in the constituency, and later work towards rural development and organic farming.

DPT candidate from Boomdeling_Jamkhar constituency, Dupthob, said, “We always try to educate our voter through proper and realistic pledges. Other than this, we do not have any special strategy to win back those people who have not voted for us. We will not make any unrealistic pledges and we will make sure to think about the country all the time.We also need to help the farmers by setting up a cold storage and setting up a market.”

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