DPT sweeps Trashiyangtse and Pemagatshel

DPT swept all the five constituencies from two eastern Dzongkhags, Trashiyangtse and Pemagatshel despite an active campaign by the DNT president in the 6 eastern Dzongkhags.


From Khamdang_Ramjar constituency under Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag, DPT candidate Kuenga Loday secured 3602 votes (EVM: 1869 and PB: 1733) while his opponent Karma Gyeltshen from DNT secured only 2821 votes (EVM: 1551and PB: 1270) leaving a difference of 463 votes.

Kuenga Loday, of DPT said that, people voted for him and party as a whole because people still have the faith in party as they have been serving the people for the past ten years, both as ruling government and as an opposition party.

He said, “They felt and had a hope that if we form a government than people will be benefited a lot and based on this they have voted for me. Other reasons could be due to party vision and manifesto”.

Moreover, he said that, people know that he was hardworking person and he has worked hand in hand with the people though this is his first time taking part in politics.

Likewise, from Boomdeling_Jamkhar constituency, DPT candidate Dupthob secured 3541 votes (EVM: 1693 and PB: 1848) while DNT candidate could secure only 2710 votes (EVM: 1312 and PB: 1398) leaving a vote difference of 831 votes.

Dupthob said that, he won not as an individual but because they had a good working team including coordinator where his job was just to give them the guidelines..

He said, “Everyone played a crucial role whereby we could reach to the grass root defining what DPT stands for and what are the things we have in pipeline to do for the country despite difficulties. This may be the reasons why he won.”

In addition, he also said that, during his constituency visit, he focused on educating people, giving them clarification on how everything works and this had some impact where people wanted him to come back as their representative.

He said that, “I feel I have lots of responsibility where people expect a lot from me and with me being in the opposition again, it will be challenging to fulfill all their expectations. However, I think everything will be okay.”


Meanwhile, Choida Jamtsho from Nanglam constituency, Pemagatshel secured 3576 votes (EVM: 1893 and PB: 1683) while his opponent Karma Dorji, DNT candidate secured 1976 votes (EVM: 1089 and PB: 887) leaving a difference of 1600 votes.

Choida Jamtsho said that, he has done the maximum for his constituency for the last ten years which is why people must have elected him from his constituency.

He said “I will give my best in next five years and I will prioritize the roads and I will resolve an issue of truck and taxi parking in town area.”

DPT candidate Lungten Namgyel from Nanglam constituency, secured 4311 votes (EVM: 1978 and PB: 2333) while his opponent Pema Wangda, DNT candidate secured 2132 votes (EVM: 1136 and PB: 996) leaving a difference of 2179 votes.

Lungten Namgyel said that, people made their choice firstly based on party’s pledge and vision.

“As of now, whatever they have secured, they have got with pure and fair play. We did not bribe anyone to get votes”, he added.

Secondly, he said that, people do look up to the party president and how capable the candidate is to serve the nation. “Some people vote with an influence and some looking at the personality of the candidate. However, for me everything went well and people must have voted for me with thses reasons”, he added.

From Khar_Yurung constituency, DPT candidate Tshering Choden secured 4738 votes (EVM: 1666 and PB: 3072) while her opponent Ugyen Tshewang, DNT candidate secured 2045 votes (EVM: 835 and PB: 1210) leaving a difference of 2693 votes.

Tshering Choden said that, DPT brought in many developmental activities in the constituency, between 2008-2013 and that has really touched the heart of the people. Moreover, she said that, people still has faith in DPT for making their life much easier and comfortable.

In addition, she said that, “People felt that the vision of the party is good that it could help every people. Also they know that our party pledge is a long term pledge. Thereby I feel that people voted for me with those reasons”.

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