DPT wins all three seats in Pemagatshel

Despite heavy downpour in Pemagatshel huge numbers of voters turned up to vote for the primary round and this contributed to a great conquest for the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT).

The DPT won all of three constituencies under Pemagatshel dzongkhag and with vast differences in votes pushing the party way forward to the victory lane.

DPT secured 3,139 from Khar–Yurung constituency of which 2, 022 were from the Electoral Voting Machine (EVM) and 1,117 through postal ballots. The total registered voter in Khar-Yurung is 8,575.

The former Prime Minister’s constituency saw voters standing in a long queue to cast their votes, many voters were inspired by the pledges made by the DPT during their campaigns.

DPT secured 3,046 from Nanong- Shumar constituency of which 2,188 were received via the EVM and 858 through postal ballots. Nanong – Shumar constituency has 8247 registered voters.

The voter turnout in Nganglam was also very impressive and the DPT secured 2,819 votes of which 2,241 were through the EVM and 578 through postal ballots.

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa secured 33 seats of 47 and will very likely be contesting for the general rounds, following the first ever primary poll yesterday.





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  1. It’s a total surprise. Atleast we hoped Dr Singay & Tashi would win. In case of the president he will win because it is very sorry that 99% pemagashelpa ddoes  not know the president is involved in gelpoishing land corruption case & also denchi. Poor pgatselpas are simply lost in sweet speech.

    • People are wise enough and doesn’t give damn to old cases which happened in 12 years before under different system. Wise people are always futuristic.

  2. Dear Dogdola,
    Mind your language. Coz ur favoured party or ur party couldnot make it to GE doesn’t mean voters are fool. Pemagatshelpas can vote as their wish and will and u have no right to object their desire. Each n every one of us has voting right to exercised and therefore, perhaps u may be the fool not realising our fundamental voting rites. 

  3. It is not wise to hide old cases. 12 years is not old. It is very recent. If old case are hidden it indicates huge corruption. If it is out then tthere will be huge implication materially, financially and politically & so the vested interest group do not want ACC to dig for the past. So thinks it is better not to start because hundreds of people can be implicated. If hundreds or thousands have commited big cheat, then it must be exposed to the public.  So in this forum & kuensel forum many people are trying its best to justify in the name of old cases. I think ACC should dig in each and every case -let it take another 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years. ACC and RAA should form a new committee for this longterm purpose. 
    The resistence from many writers indicates that many he and she is involved in illegal land transaction in Bhutan. And are afraid for exposure & to lose the wealth.  So they are justifying it is old cases or >12 years. This is happening in the democratic, dragon Bhutan.

    So to dig beyond 12 years is nothing old.

    In recent years so many baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland are filing cases against Russia earlier USSR/Soviet Union. They are claiming billion dollars from Russia at the moment because they say Russians or Soviet killed so many people, illegally occupied & grabbed land during WWII.
    Jews are claiming compensation from Germany for the human & material losses Jews suffered during WWII. For information the WWII completed in May 1945. 68 years have gone. People should be silent as someone mentions. But they are raising the issue now to our utter disbelief.

    President JF Kennedy was assasinated in 1962. The case was carried out, forgotten for so many years & again suddenly some relatives of Kennidy revived court case and just concluded 3-5 years back only. This case was restarted by some relavtive after 60 years gap.  Therefore 12 years is nothing & is not old case.

    Japan is claiming 4 Kuril Islands from Russia because Soviet Union took it after WWII which was actaully consented by US, France & England. The case is dragging for the last 68 years. So 12 years is nothing.

    China is claiming so many land from neighbouring countries like Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, India & even from us Bhutan. They say they have lost their land in bygone days.

    Therfore, whichever new Govt comes to power, the Govt should have the guts to investigate those cases of Gyalpoishing  and may be there are many cases. As & when people report, it should be investigated however painful it might be.

    Then we can say this is the best Govt we have, or best ACC bhutan has or best RAA bhutan has. So it should not be hidden.


  4. Dapon, leopards don’t change their spots, once corrupt always corrupt. What guarantee is there that same things are not repeated. The land grab in the Education City needs further probing to test the veracity of what is written in the Bhutanomics.
    One hears of intimation and bribing amongst the innocent and poor voters in Khar/Yurung constituency. The ECB ought to look into these matters more closely.

  5. Dear Dogdola,

    Mind your own business. Coz you and your party didn’t make to GE doesn’t mean you can blame Pemagatshelpas. We Pema Gatshelpas have our own right to vote whichever party we like. If you are wise, exercise your own voting rights but never and ever
    preach others to vote. Perhaps we know much better than you about party’s credibility.

  6. y did zanglay win afta all those, pemagatshels pas are losers in the hands of zanglay the corrupted and the pm who wants to name bhutan after him…..

  7. whether pemagatshelpas are losers or not is known by we pemagatshelpas only. Don,t try to dictact us, we know what  we r doing

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