DPT youth statistically a potential threat to PDP senior, PDP Gasa MP unworried

Dorji Khandu DPT candidate form Gasa for 2013

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in Gasa might have a tough race in the 2013 elections strictly going by the proportion or percentage of voters reserve in respective constituencies.

Owing to eligible voter masses, PDP Gasa MP Damcho Dorji may have a shaky political career as his part of the constituency has only half the number of voters that 28 year old Dorji Khandu’s constituency has.

Dorji Khandu will contest 2013 elections with a Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) ticket.

Asked if eligible voters might have an effect on his political career, Damcho Dorji said “I am not worried. He will definitely have the upper-hand but in politics, it depends on how you run it and it could be anyone’s game. Fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the people in the constituency is of paramount importance and if he does that, it is same whoever wins”. He said it is only to serve the people and the decision is completely in their hands and votes are all entitled to them only’.

Going by numbers, there are 350-400 eligible voters from Goen Khatoed represented by Damcho Dorji  and there are 700-800 eligible voters from Laya that Dorji Khandu represents.

“The only reason I have joined politics is that I have been nurtured in the snows of Laya and every single soul is my family and it is obvious that I know the hardships and core problems of my people. The fact that I am also a proud graduate of Laya will help me to encourage my younger folks for education and how they can help in the future,” said Dorji Khandu. He said all his efforts will go to oil the cogs of highlanders and make their living easier.

Dorji Khandu reiterated the lines of Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley that ‘Laya is the jewel of Bhutanese culture’. He said “I want to promote and preserve the rich and beautiful culture and traditions of my community which is also one of the main pillars of Gross National Happiness.”

Similarly he also quoted Barack Obama that “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

He said DPT has five years of experiences and all the development works are in progress and some of them are in process in all the 20 Dzongkhags.

“As a fresh politician, I feel it is more convenient and advantage to work with the experienced politicians,” he said.

He said despite criticism from the Opposition and from some of the Media entities which is normal and acceptable in a democracy, the DPT Government has brought huge developments in all parts of the country during its five years term.

Asked about his odds against MP Damcho Dorji, a former attorney general and an experienced bureaucrat and a senior to a fresh contender like himself in every sense, Dorji Khandu said “I am not at all bothered or concerned about who my Opponent might be, even a minister can be my opponent. But in a Democratic system it is more important to remember who is behind you, who are your supporters/voters, how can you serve them in future and how can you achieve the promises that you have made. In the end the majority wins in a democracy and there is nothing to fear about your opponent”.

Dorji Khandu said as an aspiring candidate the top 3 Priorities for the Country and for his Constituency are to solve the financial problems (Rupee crunch) in the country, to improve health facilities and quality of education, preservation and promotion of culture values and protecting the environment.

For the Constituency his priorities are to construct black-topped roads, to upgrade schools and improve health facilities and to improve the living standards of nomads by providing all the necessary facilities.

A parting shot and a last word from the young DPT face from Gasa is summed up in the following words: “A leader is someone who helps others do and become more than they ever thought possible. Leadership is about unlocking potential, whether individual potential or that of a group, company, or organization. It is not about telling people what to do, but inspiring them to see what they are capable of, then, helping them get there” added to which he said “I have a Big Dream to fulfill other than my own dreams, which is my beloved parent’s dream to be somebody that makes them feel proud of me”.

Dorji Khandu concluded his one-on-one with “I have big expectations to fulfill other than my own expectations, which are my villager’s expectations that I can be the one who will bring changes in the community in the future”.

Puran Gurung

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  1. No doubt that MP damcho is a potential candidate. At the same time, wishing new DPT candidate for your success in 2013. Let the best win.

  2. Seriously?? When will DPT stop recruiting Yes men and Puppets as MPs. Look at his visions..
     “3 Priorities for the Country and for his Constituency are to solve the financial problems (Rupee crunch) in the country, to improve health facilities and quality of education, preservation and promotion of culture values and protecting the environment.”
    I don’t see anything of substance in the first one. We are already doing all others quite well. What we need in our MPs is that vision and ideals that they would stand and defend. we need people who have individual personality in themselves, who will not walk in other’s shadow. We need MPs that have the calibre to disagree with the big bosses if need be for the greater good of the country. We need leaders that can become greater leaders. We had enough of followers.

    • You want an MP who will play against their own party’s ideologies? Rather than demeaning him, why don’t you join some other parties that may give you a chance to oppose everything a ruling party proposes.  I can see you are not a follower but your own boss. So boss yourself around. 

      • As far as i am concerned Phuntsho needs present MP’s who will never bother about their King,Country and its people (TSA WA SUM). What ever the PM and its Minister does is the right. But we dont mean that MP’s has to defend its Party and party leader but when thing go beyond the limit like Trowa Theature, City Bus,Denchi, Gyalposhing i think MP’s as a peoples representative they should at least find the fact and corret them otherwise what is the charm of being democracy. Country is much more better under our bevolved Kings as we have never heard of crisis and Heavy Scams.

        • HI druk pai busthu
          you r true wai, but for ur kind information do you think pm will not dominate
          mps when they dominate OAG. i personally talk with my consituency pm and he
          clearly said that their openion are not noted by pm and ministers
          lo. thats why mp are just follower of PM AND ministers
          other wise if they use all 45 heads to plan the ploicy
          they will not fail like how they r failing.
          now people should know the real image of PM and his ministers

        • You’re just a whimsical hound. What you write is full of effing prejudiced by your narrow intellectual capability. So bark on my dog. 

  3. Nice hearing you getting participated in 2013 elections.Majority wins in democracy.That is true.Best of luck in ua effort.We look forward to see you in place of Damcho Dorji who is always behind Government,blaming.Waging wars against DPT.

    • Dear Kako,
      Its nice to welcome new faces but I feel you are absolutely bias and probably not from Gasa to support your favourite aspirant. Otherwise if you are looking for the interest of the nation,there’s earth and sky difference between the two candidates by age,maturity and working experience. Dasho Damcho is not simply barking and waging war against the present Govt. but for the welfare of all the citizens of Bhutan otherwise you will say the constitutional case is meaningless fighting.One need to have the guts to fight the wrongs of the Govt or else there won’t be check and balance maintained.Most of the young MP’s don’t have courage to raise common people’s issues in the assembly that’s why you and I suffer in our own constituency.Although I am also not from Gasa but we need to look for the broader interest of the nation,not from narrow angle.Otherwise, Dasho’s 20 years active service would make no meaning if we compare a young graduate with him.You meant to say that not to wage war even if Govt.does wrong.Then Opposition will have no function and you will say they they don’t have roles. Let’s forget to express such silly feelings of ours,if not why can’t we take that positions ourselves. May be from your writing I see you are supporting DPT. Here I am neutral but to see the capability of the individual and among 47 MP’s,I like Dasho’s logical thinking.Any way thank you for making me to write

  4. Dorji Khandu will soon realize!!!!

  5. I think new DPT candidate from Gasa seems philosopher … anyway best of luck …

  6. Dorji Khandu has nothing to lose. He has everything to gain. Here, I am sure, Dasho Damchoe would be better of two but then can Dasho Damchoe’s party get past the primary round. If not, Dorji Khandu has a real chance.

    May DPT also has no chance as there are only two graduates from Laya. If you want to get MP quick and fast, shift your census to laya or don’t be jealous of others…

    Anyway, best of luck….

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