Dr C.T Dorji and Dhurba Chettri in DCT

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) brought to the limelight two more candidates during its recent press conference.With more than 35 years of experience in administrative services in Bhutan, Dr. Chenkyo T. Dorji, 60 will contest from Upper Paro.

He has a Ph.D. from the Magadh University, India to his name from 1990 and he also studied Political Science in the London School of Economics (LSE), London, England.

Dr. C.T. Dorji joined Bhutan Civil Service in 1968 and served for 37 years till he retired in 2005.

After that he served as a guest lecturer in Paro College of Education under Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), was a visiting professor to the center for Mahayana Buddhist Studies in Acharyia Nagarjuna University and visiting scholar in the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, in Shimla, India.

The 60-year old political aspirant has authored an impressive 225 books on Bhutan and Buddhism. He also participated in many international conferences and seminars and presented papers on varied subjects.

Doctor C.T Dorji is also a member of World Buddhist University Council, Bangkok and Deputy Governor of American Biographical Institute in USA and Deputy Director International Biographical Centre in UK.

Fellow DCT colleagues are positive the seasoned historian’s rich knowledge of political science and practical experience of 37 years of administrative service will be a strong advantage for DCT.

He is also currently the oldest and most senior member in the party. Dr. C.T. Dorji said as far as DCT is concerned, he is also one of the founding members.

“Having 35 plus years of experience in administrative services in Bhutan and backed by the theoretical knowledge of my political science from LSE, London, I thought that I can combine theory and practice and try to bring changes in the political scenario in Bhutan,” said Dr. C.T.

A party member said, “DCT has been formed by a few of us as founding members but we have also brought in a number of the professionals, subject specialist and people from different walks of life.”

“DCT would like to address the challenges of Bhutan today and whatever our ruling government over the last five years could not take up, DCT would like to fill up the gap,” Dr. C.T added.

Most importantly, said the Doctor, “We want to focus on translation of GNH, instead of taking it international we would like to take it to the grass root level.”

He explained what GNH meant for DCT.

“The common people must have enough food, shelter, clothing and health care, education. These are the five core areas in which GNH must reach to the common people.”

The DCT aims to address all kinds of problems in the country through a multi-dimensional approach and address everything at a time and not leave out issues because everything is interconnected.

“We want to supplement whatever the ruling government is doing now and wherever there is shortfall, we want to fill up the gap and we want to go beyond that,” a party representative said.

The second candidate declared by DCT is Dhurba Chhetri who was a Project Manager and Administrator for Bhutan Middle Management Program.

The 49-year old, a 1988 graduate who has a degree in Bachelors in Commerce from Sherubtse College, Kanglung and will contest from Jomotshangkha-Martshala constituency under Samdrup Jongkhar.

Besides the 24 years of work experience with him, over the last 24 years, he has worked with many different International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).

Having worked in multiple cross cultural environment and in varied social and economic areas, he brings a rich experience to DCT and is committed toward DCT’s ideology of working toward Unity, Prosperity and Happiness and in providing a different perspective to the nation’s development philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

He said when the party called him, he “did not have anything at hand and was free. And I thought this is a platform where I can serve the nation”.

Apart from that he said “I also wanted to see what the ideology is whether it matches with my philosophy, and it matches well”.

“It is going at par with my philosophy so I thought of joining,” he said.

The DCT so far has 46 candidates, out of which 25 are confirmed and the remaining 21 is tentative.

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