Dr Tobgyel shoots off Loseling

Dr.Tobgyel guard making an easy shot against Loseling school (Photo by: Upasana)

Yesterday, four matches were played in the ongoing basket ball tourney of the schools of Thimphu Thromde.

In the first match, Loseling Middle Secondary School girls popularly known as Changjiji school girls played against the Dr Tobgyel team and  saw Dr Tobgyel beating Loseling 12-4.

But in the boy’s match, which was again Dr. Tobgyel vs Loseling, the boys of Loseling  played good enough in the first quarter to  make up for their girls’ defeat.

The second quarter was a  draw for Loseling and Dr Tobgyel with 15-15 though Dr Tobgyel’s performance saw impressive improvement. Spectators though very less  were expecting  that Loseling  would hold on with a good start in the third quarter.

But the third quarter was monopolized by Dr. Tobgyel after many time outs .  Dr Tobgyal scored 27 leaving behind Loseling with five baskets.

Loseling could score only two baskets in the fourth and final quarter in which one was scored by the youngest player, Tshering Samdrup of Loseling who came in substituting the main player of the team.

Thus the game ended with an easy win for Dr. Tobgyel.

However in the following match, which was played between the girls of Pelkhil higher secondary school vs. Changangkha middle secondary school, the game ended with the final score of 43-10 respectively.

Today, in the first match Motithang Higher Secondary Schools girls will face Nima Higher Secondary School, followed by Kelki Higher Secondary School vs. Changangkha Midlle Secondary School in boy’s category and the third match will be played by Kelki vs. Rinchen boys. In the final match, Motithang will play Nima higher Secondary School.

The semi-finals will be played on Saturday and the finals on Sunday.

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  1. i think the reporting looks a bit unbalanced. Three-fourths of the article covers just one game and there is just one sentence each for the other games. Let’s have more details for each game. It will be encouraging for the students.

  2. thanks a lot and it means a lot to me…i will make sure that i will try to make it like the way you and all wants to be. that is how we can promote sports in Bhutan….thank you!!

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