Draagteng Langthil candidates highlight connectivity and agricultural productivity

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP)’s candidate from Draagteng Langthil constituency, Dorji, said there is inadequate connectivity in the constituency, and therefore, emphasized on the need for improved road conditions and bridge construction. He envisions enhanced connectivity with the Gelephu Mindfulness City. Fallow land is another issue, and he aims to address the issue by importing seasonal laborers to maximize agricultural land use. Additionally, he highlighted the challenge faced by the youth in obtaining loans for business startups, and therefore, wants to advocate for the provision of concessional loans.

Dorji expressed, “I believe in our mandate to ensure efficient service delivery, and I’m confident that we can streamline this process for the public in a short period. The party has seasoned candidates and is led by a dedicated leader. On a personal note, I am an outgoing individual who easily connects with everyone. My experience as a principal, working collaboratively with students, parents, and stakeholders in various fields, has shaped my belief in practicing servant leadership rather than isolation.”

People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’s Draagteng Langthil candidate – Namgay Dorji identifies the suspension of loans as a major issue affecting the constituency. To address this, he plans to open welfare programs for both the general public and private sectors, recognizing the importance of credit loans in sustaining the country’s economy.

Another significant challenge is the decline in agriculture production due to a lack of manpower in villages. He proposes modernizing farming education and mechanization to counter this issue for the benefit of the people.

Namgay Dorji further stated, “I want to convey that my extensive background of 20 years in civil service and 16 years in politics makes me a confident and trustworthy candidate for the voters. The People’s Democratic Party is renowned for fulfilling all pledges, and over the past decade, we’ve served both as the ruling and Opposition Party. In the last five years, we actively participated as observers, utilizing our rich experience. I believe we are well-equipped to serve the nation effectively.”

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