Drangchu Beverages lends hand to strengthening sporting culture in Bhutan

An agreement to develop a sporting culture in Bhutan has been signed between Drangchu Beverages, Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) and Bhutan Basketball Federation (BBF) on October 20.

Drangchu Beverages will provide BBF and BOC with resources and financial support of Nu 595,000 for the National Basketball League and Nu 600,000 for the Wang Mountain Bike Race annually for a period of three years.

In keeping with the strategic roadmap of developing the sporting culture in the country, the Secretary General of BOC, Sonam Karma Tshering, said the private sector is one of the most important stakeholders for the development of sports, and such alliances will help reinforce the sustainability of sports and its development.

“If sports is to develop in a sustainable manner, for the benefit of our youth, and if we are to sow the seeds for the establishment of vibrant values based sporting culture in Bhutan, then it is imperative for stakeholders to play their part, especially the private sector,” he added.

Tshering reiterated that BOC has limited financial strength and human

resources, and thereby, such an agreement will help to promote sports at the grassroots level. BOC is hopeful of more inflow of private entity in the future to support sports in the country.

The Managing Director of Drangchu Beverages, Karma Shacha, said that such a support will encourage youth to participate and promote basketball across the country.

On the chances of contract renewal, Shacha explained that it will depend on the feedback from the events, and said there are plans to take over the mountain biking and basketball events by Drangchu Beverages.

“With the youth of Bhutan showing great interest in forming clubs, we aim to use this opportunity to inculcate values and life skills in our youth,” the General Secretary of BBF, Tokey Dorji, expressed.

The National Basketball League was started in March, last year, by the BBF to provide youth with an opportunity to experience the benefits of playing basketball, and to promote a vibrant and sustainable club culture in Bhutan.

The first such agreement, involving private sector, was signed with the Royal Thimphu College. The events are expected to kick-off by spring next year.


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