Driver stabs man for sleeping with his wife

Paro police detained a 38-year-old taxi driver on 8 October at around 12:40 AM for stabbing a 22-year-old man at Geptay. At around 12:20 AM, 8 October the victim’s 46-year-old manager reported to police stating that his staff was stabbed by some unknown man.

Initially, the incident took place on 7 October and police said that, victim’s roommate stated that, he and the victim went to Paro town for shopping on the evening of 7 October. The victim’s roommate went home after shopping while the victim stayed back saying he has to meet his friend.

Later, at around 7:50 PM, the victim came home and went directly to bed and slept. The roommate also stated that, he did not notice the victim’s injury as he was busy with his phone. However, he noticed the injury when the victim complained of a backache. He then informed their manager and he was evacuated to hospital and leant that he was in an unstable condition.

Though police could not identify the suspect at that time, the suspect along with his wife surrendered themselves to Paro police at around 12:40 AM on 8 October. The suspect confessed to have stabbed the victim twice on his back.

During the course of investigation, it was learnt that, when the suspect returned home from Thimphu, he did not find his wife at home. Upon not responding his call, he went to look for her at her ex-boyfriends place on foot from hospital T-junction along the irrigation channel.

On his way, he came across with his wife having sexual intercourse with the victim whereby in anger he stabbed the victim. In addition, his wife sustained a cut on her right index finger in an attempt to snatch the knife.

The knife is seized and the suspect is under detention for further investigation.

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  1. Why the victims managers age? Makes it more confusing. The age of the wife would have been relevant

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