Drivers flout RSTA rules as vehicles continue to flaunt stickers on vehicles, use tinted car windows and italicized number on plates

A regulatory Act of 2009 enforced by the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) is thrown to the winds as vehicles continue to use tinted/dark windshields and glasses while many ignore the need to use standardized number plates.

This, according to the RSTA is because most motorists are not aware of the existence of such regulations. Officials at the same time said a few drivers disregard the rule even if they know about it.

The RSTA rules are mainly implemented for the safety of the people. The foremost motive of having standardized number plates in each vehicle is that the RSTA won’t have any trouble identifying the numbers of the vehicles during hit-and-run cases at accident sites.

The current trend of having italics number plates in vehicles is making it difficult for people on the road or officials to clearly distinguish the numbers.

The tinted or dark car windows pose difficulty for the road officials to see inside the vehicles to check on the carrying capacity of vehicles, or for law officials to detect illegal goods.

The dark car windows also provide cover for criminal activities, and such crimes may go undetected as well.

This is a pertinent issue as drink driving and the possibility of rape cannot be ruled out, especially with late night partying and vehicle movement on the rise.

Visually offending graphics and largely painted or printed stickers that scream socially offending and embarrassing slogans are also against the RSTA rules.

These rules are mandatory for all vehicle users, but the RSTA found out that some drivers are still unaware of the rules.

According to the base in-charge in RSTA Mr. Nado, when vehicles are brought in for the road-worthiness inspection, the drivers bring them in full fitness and get the road-worthiness certificates, but the very next day some drivers change the colour of the car windows, the style of their number plates, and tend to stick all kinds of stickers on the vehicle body.

“So now, what the RSTA does is, we impose a penalty of Nu 750 if any of these rules are broken,” he said.

From now, the new rule is that the road fitness certificate will only be issued if there is a standardized number plate with bold letters, no usage of dark car windows, and designs on the body of the vehicle.

Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu

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  1. Road Fitness Certificates are often issued by the inspector even not checking the vehicle. The inspector of RSTA are also not recognizable because there is no uniform or even if there is, there don’t care to wear it. The inspector need to be search every time since they are rarely around the office or vehicle parking.

    The number plates of trucks or heavy vehicles and some Mahindra taxi’s are often covered with mud and dust and the number plates are rarely visible. I often question myself, Does RSTA check it? or Is there any rules for such doings?

    RSTA and traffic police seems to be doing their work but it’s not enough. To make our road safe, Routine checks, surprise checks and night patrolling need to be intensified….

  2. Most trucks in the PHPA area lack indicator lights and brake lights. Mr. Nado has all the excuses in the world. There is no sense in a vehicle having two types of number plates, getting tinted windows overnight and breaking the safety lights right after the fitness certification.

  3. RSTA rules are only for the middle class and low levels but not for the wealthty people. All RSTA staff are also having all tinted and italic number plates so go on on on RSTA cheers up

  4. RSTA and traffic Police while on inspection on High ways and other areas, they shouldn’t focus just on documents, the personnel should focus on checking such violations such as tinted and dark glasses, Speeding of cars etc. The Road worthiness certificates are just a show case. Police and RSTA just checks the blue book and License.

    According to the RSTA rule the road worthiness certificate will be issued only
    if the

    1. Blue book is renewed
    2.Pass emission certificate

    but inspector dont look at it.. Blindly they sign on it ,so RSTA Director General and officials needs to be vigilant.

    My observation on traffic police who are biking are they are just speeding themself, they dont seems to be checking the other vehicles on road for speeding and other violations.

  5. some of the RSTA staffs carry the fitness certificate in their purse in regard to the money, they just give it away for a sake of plate of lunch also., forget abt checking the vehicle and issuing the certificate.

  6. The strongest weapon for the law enforcer in our country is either ban or fines…Cant they think of something innovate and effective measure? dews….can they come up with evidences of negative consequences of black tint and italic numbering…(I once noticed that one private landcruiser with gold color number(has to be white) coming for fitness check who is given fitness….later i heard that the owner paid some fine 2 years ago and he can continue with it….what type rule is that?….MAKE LESS RULE AND ENFORCE IT EFFECTIVELY…dews in rsta.

  7. Beside all those rules on vehile owners, does rsta ang traffic think of road fitness? Some road conditions are below standard as national highway or expressway, don’t you think such rules also should be enforced to those stakeholders? Tinted glass for me is not promlem in bhutan. I think there is no record of criminal case happened behid that dark window. Rather dark window has advantage of obstructing the visibiliity inside the car and can’t see the things left inside. Otherwise, the criminals break into the car by breaking the glass and take away the belongings in the broad daylight right in the heart of thimphu city. Did rsta think of such advantage, instead of just presuming the crime will happen behind that dark window? Sometimes it is good to think otherway round. Ristriction on dark or reflecting paper in india is necessary but not in Bhutan. Let’s not copy from others and make rules that are suitable to our own situation and nature.

  8. This fashion is seen mostly in taxis and trucks with irritating and offensive stickers. This is against the rules.

    one thing what i desire to display is the single line sticker saying ” Baby On Board” shouldn’t be a problem at the rear window to caution other cars behind. This is my idea.

  9. hahahaha  karma. you are really funny. 

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