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Drug arrests in November exposes the main source of supply

The Narcotic Drugs and Other Vices Division (NDOVD) of the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP), with the help of a tipoff, apprehended 6 individuals in November.

NDOVD apprehended a man involved in the illicit trafficking of drugs in his 30s on November 8 in Hejo, Thimphu. NDOVD shared that the man was in possession of illicit drugs in his pocket.

After checking the man’s vehicle thoroughly, the team recovered 1,039 Tramadol capsules (SP+) hidden inside the central console box of the vehicle.

During the interrogation, it was found that he had purchased the illicit drugs from Jaigaon, India. He was tested positive for Benzodiazepines and Tramadol.

Also on November 6, the NDOVD apprehended a 37-year-old man near the Dantak gate, Babesa. The team seized 288 Tramadol capsules, a stick of hashes (marijuana) and a substantial amount of cash.

Upon interrogation, it was learnt that the man was selling the drugs and confessed that the substantial amount of cash was proceeds from the sale of illicit drugs. He also tested positive on the drug test.

After detailed investigation, the suspect also revealed that the supplier were two other men from Babesa area and that he sells their drugs and hands them the money. The team then tracked the two other men, aged 29 years and 45 years identified as the main suppliers of the illicit drugs and apprehend them.

The team seized 1,015 Tramadol capsules in their possession along with a substantial amount of cash. Both of them tested negative.

The arrested individuals were arrested for the same offense this year. Their case is under trial with the Thimphu Court, and they are currently on bail.

On 3 November, NDOVD also intercepted two men aged 30 and 34 from Olakha.  NDOVD shared that the two men had concealed the drugs inside a cylindrical machine part.

While dismantling the machine and checking the team found 3,698 pieces of Tramadol capsules. Both the suspects were earlier also charged for illicit trafficking serving more than 5-year prison term and were released in 2022. 

The main illicit drugs supplier from Jaigaon is an ex-convict imprisoned for a drug case. The three of them had made connections during their sentence under same offences. The Indian supplier was released a year before the two men.

The NDOVD team shared the details of the illicit drugs supplier from Jaigaon with the Phuentsholing police for further taking up with their counterparts.

The drugs were sent through Jaigaon super market in a Bhutanese taxi to be delivered at Thimphu.

The police then nabbed the two suspects when they approached the taxi to collect the item at Olakha. 

As of 31st October, the NDOVD has received 1600 cases related to drug involving more than 3000 individuals which is a big increase this year compared to the post.

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