Drugs at the border

Curbing abuse and smuggling of banned substances and other drugs in the border town of Phuentsholing that generally involve youth is fraught with challenges according to the Royal Bhutan Police.

In the absence of any kind of technology it was difficult to nab people carrying banned substances. “It would be more convenient and helpful if we had scanners at the entry and exit gate,” the Phuentsholing Superintendent of Police.

He also said that it was not possible to conduct regular checks because of certain ‘issues’, one of which was traffic congestion, already a problem in the border town. So only random checks were done at the gate.

The third challenge was dealing with repeat offenders, most of who were youth. “If we look at the detention center, 75 percent of the case reported is with regard to drugs where youths are involved,” the SP said.  “Youths here in Phuentsholing get the substance from across the border in Jaigaon and some abuse it there.”

According to police today’s youth mostly abused painkillers such as SP, N10, and diluter and marijuana.

He also said that even alcohol was becoming an issue. The presence of drayangs was contributing to youths getting involved in sexual harassment, drugs, alcohol, battery and assault. Youth were also committing series of burglaries to feed their habit and some carry a weapon and try and rob people.

They had also changed their methods in trying to sneak in banned substances, which would be packed in a carton box without a name or an address and the receiver would be informed to pick it up.

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