Drugs: Thimphu sees 328 cases and 665 arrests in 2019

Thimphu police alone have registered 328 cases of drugs related offences in 2019. With the total registered cases, they have arrested 665 people of which 58 are female and rest male. The highest arrest made was for abusing drugs with 229 people while the rest are for illicit trafficking, for the possession of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and for illegal possession of tobacco products.

From the total arrest, Thimphu police have seized a huge consignment of which SP+ topped the highest with 39,172 capsules followed by N10 with 1,309 tablets. They also have seized 26 kgs of Hashish, 764 grams of marijuana leaves, 25 bottles of corex and 15,000 ml of thinner.

In addition they have also seized 248 sticks of bedi, 17,570 sticks of cigarette, and 9,185 packets of baba tobacco. As per the record from police, 3 arrests were also made for illegal sale of solvent.

The highest arrest was made in July 2019 with 84 arrests (8 females) followed by 82 (5 females) arrest in August. Police said that some cases are under trial, some got convicted and abusers are forwarded to BNCA for TAP.

Some suspects are under police custody for further investigation. Drug related offences remains challenging to police, however, they are exploring every way to bring down the number of cases in the country.

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