Druk Chirwang Tshogpa reveals party slogan, and a ‘pre-manifesto’

Druk Chirwang Tshogpa’s symbol of a mythical bird with its wings spread and beak surging skyward from a blooming pink lotus from water back-dropped against a jewel represents  the party manifesto, a functionary said.  The symbol, he said is a pre-manifesto of the party.

The water represents a life of purity and prosperity of the nation which gives birth to the lotus indicating unity.

The bird with its wing spread depicts reaching the unreached regions and its open beak facing the north represents voice for the voiceless. The green jewel indicates the hidden intellectual wealth of the country.

DCT translated to English can be read as ‘Party of the Common People’, party member Lhatru Wangchuk said. “The party’s manifesto would promote unity which ultimately results in prosperity and happiness,” he said.

The party’s foundation is ‘Love for our King and the country’ would be people centric irrespective of age, creed and region, he added.

Meghraj Tamang from Dorokha- Tading Constituency who would possibly take on education minister Thakur Singh Powdyel said democracy has only reached the bureaucrats and common people are yet to have power.  “This is one reason why the party was born,” he added.

The party would focus on self reliance as Bhutan cannot always depend on other nations. This will fulfill the vision of Gross National Happiness, said Lhatru Wangchuk. Therefore “Change to progress” will be the party slogan.

Youth is another priority area for DCT.  The party follows His Majesty’s vision to boost our youth to be creative, he said. For the party, education is the weapon for transformation and nation building.

From 33, the party now has 42 candidates; of which 13 are women.

“The party has members are from all regions mostly from the education background, we have retired army and police officers and even fresh graduates,” said party member, J. N Sharma. With its main manifesto almost ready, DCT is aspiring to be the first party to be registered with the Election Commission.

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  1. I just hope that they don’t have a clause in their manifesto which guarantees the OL a ministerial berth.

  2. If this party is led by woman president, I will go for it because we need women for every walk of life. Woman Prime Minister of Bhutan will certainly augment conditions in expanding democracy and advance our philosophy of GNH better beacuse in Tantric, women represent wisdom which is the state of non-duality, the perfect happiness.

  3. Other things they want to do for BHutan

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