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Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu granted around Nu 6 bn in Kidu to around 100,000 people

A total compilation of the Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu set up in April 2020 shows that Nu 5.933 billion (bn) was given out as Kidu to 99,656 people.

This is not including around 14,565 people given ration support which are basic essential items for the households during the first lockdown.

This means a total of 114,221 Bhutanese received Kidu in cash and kind.

Upon the command of His Majesty, the National Resilience Fund (NRF) was set up in April 2020 to provide economic relief to people through the Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu (DGRK).

The Relief Kidu granted monthly income support to individuals for a period of 30 months (April 2020 – September 2022). 

The DGRK received a total of 67,761 kidu applications from April 2020 – September 2022, of which 35,460 were male applicants and 32,301 female applicants.

Of the total, about 87 percent (58,732) of the kidu applicants at least received kidu once, 4,105 (6.1%) kidu applicants received kidu for the whole 30 months.

Thimphu Dzongkhag had the highest number of Kidu applicants with 25,944 kidu applicants.

Majority of the kidu applicants were from the Tourism and Tourism dependent sector, with 14,913 applicants.

A total of Nu. 5,157.26  million were granted as relief kidu to 58,732 applicants including child allowance of Nu. 155.28 million.

Besides, a total of Nu. 674.65 million was granted as lockdown kidu to 37,762 applicants. Of the total lockdown kidu recipients, 53 percent (20,185) were male and 47 percent (17,577) were female.

Bhutanese working overseas or in gulf countries were also granted income support for three months. A total of Nu.17.15 million was granted to 678 overseas and gulf applicants in three months.

Residents of Phuentsholing were granted the Special Lockdown Kidu due to prolonged lockdown in the area. 2,484 households were granted the special kidu amounting to a total of Nu. 84.01 million.

Ration support was initiated during the first lockdown for families having difficulty during the lockdown.

A total of 4,127 applicants were granted ration support over four lockdowns, which accounts to 14,565 people. The support for ration has been directly provided by the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon. The ration support included some basic essential items for the households.

The Kidu was funded largely from His Majesty’s funds including the sale of shares of BNB and RICBL.

The above does not include the billions in loan interest waiver Kidu granted by His Majesty The King.

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