Druk Hotel catches fire

The Royal Bhutan Police, fire crew and a few Desups fought a fire at Druk Hotel located near Thimphu Clock Tower yesterday. The fire was reported at 12:10 pm and was extinguished one hour later.

In the incidence, a 40-year old maintenance man was injured and taken to the hospital from where he was later discharged.

The fire sparked off when one of the maintenance men was refueling the generator placed underground. According to the hotel staff, the generator was heated  after being in use continuously for about 36 hours due to power failure.

“I am really grateful to the fire Crew which promptly came to the site to help us and also the RBP and people who helped us to extinguish the fire,” Dy. General Manager, Druk Hotel Dilu Giri said.

“The fire was minor and the burning of stored diesel produced a lot of black smoke which made people  think it was a big fire,” he said.

The machine worth about Nu 1.2 million was damaged.

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