Druk Mitser Tshogpa approaches BMF Director for the Party President’s post

Druk Mitser Tshogpa has approached Executive Director of Bhutan Media Foundation Lily Wangchuk to be the party president.

“The party president will be a woman as we respect women and  emphasize on taking care of our youth,” said a party member of Druk Mitser Tshogpa, Tandin Tshering

According to the spokesperson of the party, they are waiting for the right time to  announce the party’s situation as party works are not yet finalized though they are ready with the party charter and ideology.

Meanwhile, Lily Wangchuk said, “The party approached me 11 months back and asked me to be their president a few times but as of now I have not decided anything.” She added that presently she has her own obligations.

Right now the party has not decided anything; it will have to be confirmed by the party executive and on top of that the president needs to win from her constituency, shared one of the party members

He said, “If she is any of the ministerial candidates she has to give up the presidency.”

So far with approximately 150 party members, the party will soon set up four offices around the country in Paro, Haa, Tsirang and Dagana right after the general meeting. The party has established 12 working groups  of which  40%  are dzongkhag coordinators and 60% gewog coordinators.

Druk Mitser Tshogpa who has two bulls and a farmer as their party logo is now planning to change it based on feedback it received from the public.

“At least four to five of our candidates are women,” said Tandin Tshering. The party’s two main issues are zero youth unemployment and women empowerment.The party has also said that major corruption cases should be solved by the ACC.

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  1. In my honest opnion, Lily Wangchuk has already lost her previous decent job, she should consider very objectively this time. Its not that we are discouraging her, but the issue is, one has to be extra-ordinary atleast in one field to lead the party. What are her strenghts, and what her areas that need improvement + what are the future propspects- at the least something has to be predictable. Well after taking all these factors into consideration, if she decides to join the party, we wish her the best of luck.

  2. Women’s right? For what? Where does this come from? Men are born superior to women. That’s the undeniable truth, plain and simple. I don’t understand why our people have to make such a big deal out of something that is politically driven and imported from sophisticated foreign lands. 
    The introduction of the so called “rights” and “schemes” create more problems to humankind than do good. There are wiser ways to empower women and protect their rights, if they seem genuinely necessary. The problem with “rights” is that they create more “wrongs” that set things right. I am sure that the stupid advertisements of women’s rights on BBS television and radio has created more fights and quarrels (some even death) in our country between husbands and wives than do good to them.
    I am sorry to say this but I don’t like the manifesto of this Political Party.  It is very shallow and makes little sense to me for a Party Manifesto. Anyway, I wish the Party good luck. :–)

    • Men are superior to women? what kind of backward third world country do you live in? oh yeha Bhutan right. Women’s rights is not an issue of political agenda from a far off  “sophisticated foreign land”. You sound like a typical xenophobic druep. Women’s right It is a universally accept human right. I know its hard for Bhutan especially being such a patriarchal based society to understand such concepts but dude we are modernizing. There are some things that we really need to change in bhutan and that includes not only womens right but change in attitudes of misogynistic people. 

    • Men are born superior to women??? – what kind of statement is this? As a male I feel ashamed with such a conservative statement you have made? Lingchen If I am not mistaken I think you are a writer right as I remember seeing you at the literary festival held at Thimphu last year. If you are so than you are educated and if you are an educated man than this comment is the most shameful thing you have shared. Did you purposely make this statement as you are jealous that a woman has been approached and not you as their president? and with an attitude like yours, I doubt whether anyone will approach you – forget president even as a candidate you don’t qualify. You have shamed all Bhutanese men

    • I believe in Equality

      Excuse me!!!! women’s right for what you say!!! what you say is completely ironical, party’s manifesto is shallow, can you recall what you just said..that my friend is what i call shallow. grow up and face the reality, there is nothing wrong in seeking woman’s rights. the media showing videos and encouraging woman’s participation is doing good and nothing bad. if woman’s equality is so harmful then why is all the developed countries encouraging so.
      i personally feel that elected woman as a president is rather a great idea. CHEERS TO THE PARTY, ALL THE BEST 😀

  3. I meant …they create more “wrongs” than set things right. “wrongs” cannot set things right at all.

  4. I honestly think it is time women given the steering to rule this country… For me it is best choice to start with Lily Wangchuk than any other women…. She is far better than any other women MPs I have seen,,, the amount of mouth and the words other women NCs have in assembly, it is like as if they watched hindi serial just 5 mins back and they want to quarrel with their husbands but they cant find it..

    I think Lily is the best choice for PM….. She is sober, intelligent, smart, much better than this old ministers, PM, etc..

    • Last year she appeared in BBC TV for debate called People’s Voice organised by IMS & BBS. How was that???? She cud not even reason out effectively. For all 30 Mins. she had one point. only one point. How can she become Party President?
      The richness in word cannot be equated to richness in reasons. There is a difference. it is just my opinion but if she wishes to join ” GOOD LUCK”.


    DMT has taken right choice by nominating Lily Wangchuk as party president.A multitalented lady and has seen the world in a broader way.She is definitely a ministerial material if not PM.i wish DMT and party good luck.

  6. Much awaited social change and national economic stability can certainly be achieved under the leadership of a very well informed and dedicated woman like Ms. Lily Wangchuk. The country will never regret having her in Politics if she decides to join. DMT’s priorities seem to be spearheaded towards striking  a balance between the national mega projects and the rural socio-economic development. It is the need of the hour and for the future of Bhutan and Bhutanese. When the light shines bright ahead we all can travel safe.

  7. Hats off to DMT for having approached Aum Lily Wangchuk as their Party President. She is the epitome of Bhutanese women and will make the best representation for all women of Bhutan. I am her biggest fan and hope she will consider taking up the post. I wish her all the best – way to go!

  8. Without she is a very good choice for the new Party.  Even if you do not win, her nomination will certainly bring a good mix of candidates and experiences into Bhutan’s democracy.

    Good luck !!!

  9. Hats off to DMT for having approached Aum Lily Wangchuk. I hope she will consider the offer and make us women proud. She is the epitome of Bhutanese women and will make best representative of women. I have always admired her and the way she carries herself, the way she writes and the way she has participated in BBS debate. She is very fit to be a prime ministerial candidate and would like to assure her full support. I wish her the very best

  10. No !! This may be a big mistake for the party….

  11. Now who is Lily Wangchuk?
    I think a party president should be at least be familiar to people.
    I asked some of my friends if anyone of they know, I recieved”NO” So do you think she will win vote from youth especially as maximum voter us ‘Youth”
    So please don’t make a mistake. Make her contest but not Party president.
    my voice only but Youth voice Youth Choice

    • lily wangchuk is a diplomat turned writer. how come u dont know that. she may not be known to rural people but i can say she is famous and well known for her capability amongst the educated lot.  the educated population will definately vote for her including myself 

  12. Hummmmmmmmm…………Lily Wangchuk for party president…………………………………..I am clue less…….except the “facts about Bhutan” that looks more like a picture album…..I didn’t see any thing that makes her either capable or popular…..

    Any ways all the best for Lily and the party…

    • I also came to know about Ms. Lily when I got he book “facts about Bhutan” by the RCSC officials before I leave for my studies. Anyway, best of luck to her and Party. It is not that only popular figure can become President. 

  13. kelzang thinley

    The logo and ideology seems vague and abstract. it is not critically and logically reasonable, appropriate and effective at this age. when other countries are planning to mine from other planet, when quantum physics and rocket science is the normal subject in other part of globe: the very party for second general election initially adopted bull and farmer as logo? so , what about farming? i am not saying that Bhutan should start banking trans-nationally or sent an expedition to moon, but cant she do mechanized farming in large scale? cant she venture in new development, balancing spirituality, cant she promise to solve economic crisis, or at least assure to make economically stable, without austerity? Well, it all boils down to political parties, elected democratically, who are competent and farsighted. Not just bluffing, and knowing not where they are heading. So, it a time to rethink, be pragmatic and realist, because the world has enough theorist and philosophers.

  14. Tshering Wangchen

    A good choice but not the best one…..All the best anyways

  15. I dont know lily wangchuk but I have seen her on BBS debate, read her articles in newspapers and magazines and she makes a lot of sense and speaks with so much passion for societal good. It is not important whether people know her or not but if she has the qualities of a good leader and I can say she has the right qualities of a leader if she is given the chance. Leaders are not born, they are made and if one has the potential and best intentions one can become a good leader and she has it all. Besides let us give some chance to our Bhutanese women and hear the vision through a women leader.

  16. DMT, if you are serious about forming a party, be serious. Just a small thought on some broad criteria for party President: (1) The trust and leadership- will he/she be able to keep the members of the party intake- able to be flexible and yet able to control when the circumstances demand and able to keep the party members in harmony- so need broad range of leadership style; (2) Will he/she can earn the respects from the party members, (3) How popular is he/she from the constituency, (4) How popular and the integrity of the candidate, (5) Intellectual capacity of the candidate. Try to get the best candidate in keeping the long-term interest of the party. Do not appoint the party President just for the sake of it- it is a politics- highly complex and demanding job; once appointed h/she should be able to sacrifice several personal comforts and take risks. Do not go by the sex ( I mean by gender factor) go for the right candidate – be it male or female. The former CEO of BoB; the former contestant of Kangpara, T/gang constituency; the former Secretary of MoH, likewise there are so many candidates, of course Lily could be one of the prospective candidates. May be there are so many other candidates currently holding senior positions in the government and corporations; you need to persuade and convince them.

  17. another bullshit ideology..i Hate people saying ZERO waste, ZERO tolerance to corruption and NOW again ZERO unemployment youth,. HUH i would like to give a monkey laugh on.. it. i already lost trust to this party…

  18. Ms. L W as woman party president nominee is welcomed but is she confident of winning from her constituency?

  19. I don’t think she can speak Dzongkhag well. The Party President should be good in spoken and written Dzongkhag. Does she know how to read Dzongkhag? I don’t think so. The second question is from where she would stand for the election? If she is a resident of Thimphu, then she should think hundred times before she opt for politics. I don’t think she is good opponent for Lyonpo Zimba. People would always go for Lyonpo Zimba.

    • Yeshey Zimba is a Don…He might win with his Mafioso ideas but if I was him..I would say…enough,,,enough !I have enough to last for another 100 generations after me…My family is well secured…I have taken my share of the GNH…I have enough…. 

  20. Its interesting to note some sceptical comments especially making note of the fact the fact that you dont even know her. Before we pass comments and judgment on capability of someone , we should appreciate the fact that a woman has been approached for the first time in our history by a political party. If they have approached her, she must have some capabilities and potential to be their leader. Why would any party take a risk of choosing someone who has no potential. The party that has approached her would know best and we have no right to make judgements without knowing the person. Rather than speculating we should encourage her to promote diversity of people’s choices at the elections. Why do we want to keep electing the old leaders?

  21. Thinley gyeltshen

    Just my thought. DMT, please weak up, what are you doing? if i have to vote, definitely i will not vote for DMT. wai!! in our country is there lack of Party President. please refresh yourself and rethink. it does not mean that there is no enough candidate, where by keep choosing which ever people u think u met. we want good govt, not show case govt.
    liliy can be one of the candidate like MP, but not as party president. i am speaking for the success and strong party. think, think , think and plan please. any way it depend upon the majority of party member. all the best and good luck DMT.

  22. Heard JYT is seriously thinking of retiring from politics.  Now we know the reason.  He has no chance!

  23. The once known Idealogy of this party seems to be a wishful dream of that spokeperson as nothing is put in writting yet.
    On the same hand do they know at all that they need some developmental plans to lure people to vote them? Are they aware that they are just provoked by self centered pursuit of power, i sent request to all parties and two of them replied through email as expected, if other parties are hiding their policies as as cats hides it’s stool someone will soon suggest them to hide their faces.
    Politics isn’t working alone or working for self, let me ask for their other hand that what one persons thinks doesnot make the national consensus.
    Approaching same person twice is shameful, even worse when the requested refuses for the second time. I dont think drunkards opt to porm political parties but DMT seem that way.
    Nothing more to expect than this, this party is likely to fall before election.
    I dont understand why women are forced to join politics, take my idea, they have their own intution just as men has. When the need arises a bold women will walk in. As of now the gender disparity is not and issue it’s just that we are overconscious. Married men should nurture his wife back at home instead of begging another women to join his group, this is too cheap as politicians.
    If we had third hand that could be used to carry the RTI concept and lure people, but that isnt a solution as well.

  24. To be or not to be in politics is the question at hand for a really well informed and dedicated Bhutanese woman. However, being in politics is knowing all the facts that are good, bad and evil and coming under sever criticisms and being accused. It is a big sacrifice one has to make at least ten years. Personal life can be severely compromised but for someone like Ms. Lily Wangchuk who rejoices in working for greater socio-economic change in the country such a proposal is an apt one. However, it can only happen if she gets team members who are equally dedicated as herself.

    My understanding is DMT as a political party will focus on empowering the rural Bhutanese by presenting their core competencies and working towards making appropriate technology for an economic paradigm that suits Bhutan.

    The mega projects are the backbone for generating wealth to support health, education, infrastructure development, security and international relations but it also has the darker side. It is creating a few towns that will create concrete jungles and promote rural urban migration and all the difficulties associated with it.

    The glory of Bhutan lies in being able to strike a balance. Keeping communities in the villages that are built o be worth living and solving the food security issue. At the same time peace and stability in the country can only be achieved by having a vision based on our core competencies.

    Ms. Lily Wangchuk has traveled well in the country. She has the facts and figures. She knows what strategies work best for Bhutan. If she desires to be in politics I feel we will all be in safe hands.

  25. Tshering M wrote: “If she desires to be in politics I feel we will all be in safe hands”

    Tshering M, Have you started your campaign already?

    • The best leader that we can have is one who can make the people  realize   their potential and works to bring their best. The leader for Bhutan is one who makes Bhutan realize the possibilities and the strategies. A true leader works with the people for what the people can call their achievements – the full fruition of GNH through its practical applications.
      I am not campaigning but I am certainly looking for great candidates to form the government who can make a real great team and lead Bhutan a step ahead. If the nation sees it in Ms. Wangchuk, she deserves it.

      • Thinley gyeltshen

        Tshering M, i like your research. keep it up and good going. but one thing it would be better if you have chosen few names, so that you can get correct fed back and build very strong party, head of the family play very important role and make lots of difference. not late keeping looking, am sure that u can get and bring out to us most eligible  party president. all the best and keep working as what your doing. truth is always bitter.

  26. the inability to speak dzongkha succinctly is not the matter; if she has ideas and strength, then it is ok . even many of our present ministers were poor in the language but now they have learnt a lot through tuition etc.

  27. An action and idea will bring transformation not with siliver tongue. As said by some body silence is golden and speech is siliver. Here in Bhutan we needed action oriented leader not the leader who has siliver tongue

  28. haha  ,………..what a big joke ….. 

  29. This is wonderful news. Its time that women proved that they are equally capable of effective leadership if given the chance and there couldn’t be better choice than Aum Lily Wangchuk. We are so proud of her. As for some comments from some men here, it appears you are so envious of her to the point of being so negative. This is a typical Bhutanese attitude. If you are asked to do something you wouldn’t dare do it and if someone does it than you are lavish with criticism because you are jealous. 

  30. Druk Mitsher tshogpa’s ideology of socialist democratic party is good. It also has shown empowerment of women which is a higher ideology which sometimes is referred as borrowed from the west but their experience is unquestionable. Moreover, the guidance of mother, though they may not be outspoken, is always better than that of the threat from the father.

    Employment of youth and the National policy of universal labor or dignity of labor they want to foster is highly commendable. Hats off to the ideology if they work on zero tolorence on corruption rather than throwing the ball on ACC’s court. Women president = hats off though I do not know Lily Wangchuk!! I am sure there will be many more in the party and all functions will run democratically. My choice party la seeing the comments from the people.

  31. Jonathan Swift once said, ” A [Political] Party is madness of many, for the gain of a few”. Please visit http://lingchen-lings.blogspot.com/

  32. Aum Lily wangchuk  is a great inspiration for many young people. She is so passionate about many social issues and I have seen her speak her mind out at many forums on behalf of the voiceless. It will be such a great change to have a young woman leader like her. I think she can really make a difference 

  33. The greatest of leaders, as Lingchen so rightly says, brings out the best in the people and allows them to grow.  When the work is done, as some great thinker has said, the people are able to say, they did it themselves.  In our country too many of our political leaders treat people as stupid.  They think they know what’s best for the people.  They mean well, I suppose.  But the road to hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions.  We need humble leaders, not puffed up egotists.  

  34. I don’t use ficticious name and I speak for myself. I sincerely welcome DMT and Lily as it is high time to have more representations and definitely not 2 member Opposition Party though our OL is doing great. I don’t belong either to DPT or PDP- I belong to Bhutan.Our Lyonchen is doing equally great. After all, they are our leaders and I sincerely respect them. If Begum Khalida Zia can lead Bangladesh, I am sure Lily can atleat hold her chair. If DMT has confidence in her as a Party President, I am sure they did their home work-at least they must know what stuff Lily Doll made of. I think she is intelligent and versatile. Let us not shut the door in her face even before we know what “CHOOM” – gift she has brought. We need good leaders- I don’t care whether they are men,women or eunuchs ! But I don’t agree if DMT puts forward the Women’s Right as the reason to gain votes from sympathizers- Bhutan is a very cohesive nation but, I am afraid, poitical agreesiveness seems to be driving our people crazy and divide them by party politics . That’s why I call it a DEMOCRAZY rather than DEMOCRACY !!! Lets join hands and uphold our values. I don’t think Lily is really driven by the hungry power. If she is confident enough to hold the reign, she should step forward boldly and speak her mind what she can do for Bhutan and the Bhutanese, nothing like it. But for her campaign I expect simple “intentions” not empty promises ! After all, our leaders-Tom, Dick or Henry, they have to march on the path paved by our farsighted Druk Gyalpos. Yes, I do agree Dzongkha is a must but if all the empty promises are made in Dzongkha, it does not serve much purpose. I sometimes wonder if all our Honble Lyonpos ever made a shoping list in Dzongkha??? or if they ever wrote a Love Letter in Dzongkha ????? When the national medium of instruction still remains to be English, let us not condemn Lily for not being able to frame a flowery speech in Dzongkha. So, Lily, step forward and speak out your mind and show your leadership quality. We want true leaders, not jokers enforcing stupid laws-Baba Khaini Law for instance which put a your monk behind bars for 3 years !!!

  35. I heard Aum Lily Wangchuk had declined the offer many months ago and is not planning to join politics.  But I sincerely hope she will reconsider the decision and take on this challenge so that she can prove to all those male chauvinists who have made envious comments here that she can indeed lead in style and lead by example. No leader can become one without the opportunity. For some you guys out here, remember leaders are not born but made.

  36. Karma Wangchuk

    Sha Sigey, like you even I don’t believe in using ficticious names and mud slinging at others like some people seem to do regularly. Sometimes such online forums could get used by some people who use different ficticious names to make unfair remarks or false allegations on other people. I also believe in being myself and I am so glad that there are some of us on this forum making positive, constructive comments rather than making assumptions and judgements on other people. I also tend to agree with some positive people here that we should all encourage Lily to take DMT forward if they have chosen her as their leader. She is young but I think she has the potential and capability and we should support this rather than prevent good people from joining politics with negative comments. 

  37. I have few suggestion to DMT is try to delete the word”ZERO”. Because by now Bhutanese people know the reality. It is like you promising to construct airport in your doorstep.
    If you can say “Reduce unemloyment” then it make sense.

    About the leadership, i doubt. We need matured person….

    • matured person? how would you assess maturity? did you now sometimes a 60 year old can be more immature than a 30 year old woman. in my view its the person’s leadership skill and not the age or sex 

  38. I agree with Sangay that zero employment by DMT sounds very shallow and even the logo looks very primitive. But I think a young, dynamic person like Lily can make a huge difference to this party. There are lot of young people who admire and appreciate her and as a young person herself, I can she can understand the youth issues better than one of those old ministers who are old timers. What has the current government done for us youth after they got elected to power in 2008? Think about that before you consider favouring the old leaders. For me I am all out to support DMT if it is lead by lily.

  39. Sunmoon and Lingchen, going through all the comments – two of you (or is it the same same person posing as two different person?) seem to be dead against lily because she is a woman. She maybe a woman but may have more capability and potential than some men so why are you being judgemental about her? I think there is no need for you to express your concern and give advice to DMT as they are not formed by donkeys and would know what’s best for themselves. Please do not bring your personal vengeance here

  40. Sha Sigay Dorji
    If you have watched Lily on BBS you must have seen how articulate and fluent she is in speaking dzongkha too and can skillfully drive homw her points without unnecessary effusive euphemism.  she is talented..

  41. Deki, I agree with you. I really appreciated the way she spoke from her heart on the tobacco issue, abortion and marriage act. She articulated her points so well in both dzongkha and english. Sha Sigey if you think you are better than her why dont you participate in the BBS debate and show us who is better. I bet you cant even talk half as much as lily.  

  42. I am a great fan of lily and I am so excited with the news that she has been approached. let us welcome her and support her. I am sure she can make a difference to lives of many of us facing challenging situations. 

  43. lily as a party president .. it is little bit confusing idea .. i don’t know what to say ..
    Look at her books “facts about Bhutan” .. it is a matter of copy paste .. not a genuine intellect … i don’t know about her articulation and speaking skills; but whatsoever i am pretty sure there are other competent candidates even if that be women … 

    • Tsagay, if you attended the recent Mountain Echoes lily was so inspiring and everyone in the audience was greatly inspired by her after her session. In her session she also explained that she had written that book to promote Bhutan’s image to the outside world and she has put in several years of research in trying in bring out a true compendium on Bhutan as no Bhutanese had attempted to write a fact book on Bhutan which was a matter of shame with the town flooded with books on Bhutan by foreign writers. Considering that I think it is well researched and personally it was very useful reference for me while I was undergoing my studies in Australia last year. 

  44. Lotay Tshering

    I agree with Tsagay, her book is the best book on Bhutan and I am great fan of her and her book, facts about bhutan. It was very useful while preparing for my RCSC and infact without any preparation and just by reading her book, I qualified in the civil service examinations. I would like to salute her for bringing out such a wonderful book on our country. It must have been a lot of effort

  45. Lily Wangchuk will not accept President because some of the members were involved in embezzlement and Murder case during their tenure as Dzongda.They were either terminated and suspended by HM and Home Minister.Such  a move would be devastating for her politics and may not accept this role.

  46. she surely looks hot… n…well…

  47. One point is: We need a president who can understand what hardship mean to poor people, villagers, and what it means to be citzens without job. We don’t want president who robs the people & the country. I am very much sure Lily Wangchuk is not the type of lady who understand this. On ocassion i found her threatening a man in his office, & even said he doesn’t know who she is- indicating she has higher level people backing her up. This is just tip of ice berg, there is more.

  48. We don’t want another smiling devil.

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