Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa: A new party in a new avatar

The party which was till now known as Social Democratic Party has now taken birth with a new name, “Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa,” a people- centered party that values every individual’s voice and choice in pursuit of the country’s development and progress.

The party unveiled its logo and ideology on 5th May which was considered to be an auspicious day for the party to begin its journey.

Khamsing Meto (Peach blossom) is the party logo – a plant identified with social democratic principles. Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa which unlike the existing parties chose a plant to represent it, will emphasize the ideology of social democracy stressing on justice, freedom and solidarity but yet it does not want to be slated as a socialist party.

Khamshing Meto for the party signifies the onset of fresh hope, a new life and a new beginning. Its freshness and fragrance signifies a clean image, strong morality and sincerity of their commitment in serving the people. The flower is also one of elements of the eight auspicious offerings.

All flowers in common signify wisdom, rejuvenation and sincerity. And in particular Kamshing Meto blooms before the leaves grow, signifying fortuity and the fruits embody continuity, longevity and prosperity.

According to the party press release, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa has been established in response to the need to uphold a vibrant multi-party democracy and to deepen the process of democracy in Bhutan by offering choice to political ideologies and fostering comprehensive democratic governance.

The spokesperson of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa, Dr Tandi Dorji, in his previous interview with The Bhutanese, had said that Gross National Happiness (GNH) is a development philosophy with Bhutanese values which has been misinterpreted by the ruling government as an ideology.

Consequently, “Development with the Values” is the development in guide accomplishing GNH for this party.

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa has given several reasons for its formation, one of it being that the party will maintain the country’s interest before that of the party and its members. Most of all, the members wanted to give an alternative to the people of the country and contribute to strengthening Bhutan’s democratic system.

“We will register with the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) as soon as we have the party president, may be around September to October,” said the spokesperson of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa.

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  1. We have two existing parties which i feel is enough, Colleges had become autonomous, hospitals had been privatised, Transpotation had worsened, Inflation on common goods ate shooting, ruduction of poverty only exist on papers, rupee crisis, what not others. I think the ruling party is not taking the advantage of our small population and our small geographical boundary. It does not mean that people are not aware of what is happening in this new democratic country. It does not mean people dont know how to protest on streets.

  2. In the campian the new party should focus on the matter that urgently matter at present for the poor people Like public transportation, equal and uniform developmental activities, medical , educational and employment, Rural development. Communication.

  3. Dr. TandinDorji and hte team, wishing you all the best. We like your party’s ideology and party LOGGO

  4. I would like to wish new party a good luck and as the logo signifies I hope it will bring fresh hope, a new life and a new beginning for the people of Bhutan. I like the party Logo. But, in order to give tough competition to DPT you must select best party president. All the best.

  5. Dr. Tandin, you need to realise that there is an increasing gap between the common people and the rich people. You need to learn some of the experiences of Denmark, Sweden and Norway as to why they are on the top 3 countries in terms of happiness of the people and not Bhutan although we are supposed to be GNH country. In terms of happiness index, we are far behind than many of the countries. We need to tackle to close the gap between the common people and the rich people, given the size of the country and population, its something doable. Wish you all the best again.

  6. I highly suspect that Dr. Tandin’s interpretation of GNH will be no different than the ones interpreted by the Centre for Bhutan Studues, wholly academic and scholarly in its focus. Intellectualized in the international research contexts and not localized as per the Bhutanese need i.e with no clear line drawn between how to balance material and spiritual development. Presently, the focus on the latter has been totally ignored by our government, CBS, and the so called many GNH scholars or ambassadors. Sad but true. If we don’t redefine the concept of GNH, the day will not be far when the world will ridicule and laugh at us for turning our present peaceful little country into a Fool’s Paradise.

    • I am doubtful whether mathematics of GNH is accurate. So it cannot be proclaim that the GNH is highly scientific. Especially the Alkire-Foster method used to compute the GNH index is very biased because of the use of questionnaires rather than the actual physical model or actual social and economic statistics. Since questionnaires are very very subjective.

  7. Sorry, neither the name of the party nor the logo nor the ideology is good enough to defining a strong political party. I would like to wish you all the best though. 

  8. Just flip side of logo interpretation; it is seasonal, very short lived, goes through various transformation unless it is a fake one that is sold in the flower shops….

    Having said that I really appreciates party’s Ideology ; All the Best.

  9. i wanna learn a bit more about people involved in this party

  10. Dr. Tandin and his team should go back to PDP if Lyonpo Sangay Nyedup returns to politics.

  11. DNT !!! The logo is very interesting. It is fresh and shows full of energy. It also smiles before laugh. Good luck and wish u a success. As a reminder, please be careful to choose the right President and Constituency candidates. 

  12. I am not interested in your logo and its interpretation. I am interested in the qualities of the members. So let us know your intellectual members. Please dont include any old-fashion leaders. We had enough. let them happily retire and prepare for next life. There are enough young leaders now to govern this country.

  13. I would like to urge the people that DNT wont make any difference since its the new party and takes time to frame. it is better one more term is given for DPT but the oppositiom member needs to be increased.

  14. I am not confident on DNT with thousand reasons, its the motto of any party worker to list down as many agenda to influence the public but in reality nothing would happen. It will remain as it was before.
    I dont think they are having the capable canidate to drive the nation…… this is just a excuse.

  15. 365 X 5 = 1,825 days is a very long time for anything to get done. Another term means total of 3,650 days. By then, some may even become “citizen of god”. 

  16. it is good to know that Dr. Tandin is a good man instead of joining in party he should have to continue to be a dr. providing good care of the patient that is also a GNH ,

    There are so many parties coming up but be careful with DPT they will take and rule another terms also, so i suggest all party workers and president please do voting without EVM this is a dangerous virus……

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