Druk Trace fast becoming a thing of the past in shops and private establishments

Among the other protocols of COVID-19, Druk Trace App is fast becoming a thing of the past in shops and businesses as many people in Thimphu forget to scan before entering any shops or restaurants.

 It is observed that Druk Trace is being used strictly in official institutes where Desuups are there to enforce it, but in shops, bars and restaurants complacency has set in.

The owner of Dawa Tshongkhang at Babesa, said that social distancing has not been a problem since their shop is very spacious. He said he has noticed very few customers using the Druk Trace app.

The owner of the Garden of Sales a popular and much visited Dhaka import shop said they keep hand sanitizers for the customers and Druk Trace scanning solely depends on the customer and she said they can’t keep track of people using the scanner.

“My staff wear masks throughout the day especially when dealing with the customer, beside that we sterilize our makeup tools, wash the towels daily and disinfect the rooms for everybody’s safety, Druk Trace app is also pasted at the door but I am not sure if people are using it,” said Tandin Bidha the owner of a parlor called Hair Raizer.

In places like Mojo Park a bar and a restaurant in Thimphu, a staff member Sangay said that to wear a face mask in a bar or a restaurant is not feasible as people come here to drink and eat but he said they have hand washing tank, sanitizers on the table and a Druk Tracing bar at the door. “We are not sure if people are utilizing it because we are only two at the counter and two in the kitchen so to stay at the door step and check if people are scanning or washing hand is not easy, but as far as we are concerned we always make sure that we wear masks and close our bar even before 09:00 PM,” said Sangay.

A customer at the Mojo Park Phuntsho Yangden, 28, said, “There is no need to be really cautious because it is not the new faces we see here, I mostly hangout with same faces and I do remember using Druk Trace in the beginning but we forgot as time passed by.” She said they don’t wear masks in bars because it doesn’t make sense at all.

A spectator at KayDee Futsal Stadium, Arman Ghalley said said that he comes often to play. He said he always forgets to scan the Druk Trace. “In fact I have never seen any of my team players doing so.”

“For the stadiums that we have under our control we have set strict SOP that has to be followed but for the other stadiums that is being owned by private business entity we can only give instructions as to how to follow the protocols,” said media officer of Bhutan Football Federation(BFF) Phuntsho Wangdi.

The Phuntsho said that as far as they are concerned BFF has a very strict procedure for conducting tournaments which is a Standard Operating Procedure.

“Without SOP we do not have any tournament and how we conduct match is with the help of Desuup, who monitors if the protocols are being followed strictly and when people enter the Changlimithang stadium they have to scan the Druk Trace bar, wash their hands, disinfect before they enter and of course wear their face masks,” said Phuntsho Jattu Wangdi.

Tsering Dolma Yangchen, 20, said that she and her friends trick the Desuups sometimes and escape the Druk Trace. She said that it is very time consuming especially when it asks to update the app.  

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