Druk Wangyal tournament picks up heat

In the ongoing Druk Wangyal tournament, two matches were played yesterday. The matches will continue tomorrow. The scores of the two matches currently are Tshoche Gap at 25 and 6 points for two sets and Bhutan Visit at 19 and 4 points for two sets.

The other match was played between Drokpo 13 who scored 25 and 11 points for two sets and Charo 13 with 14 and 10 points for two sets. The tournament started from 17 of November and the finals will be played on 15 December 2012. Last year only 15 teams registered whereas this year a total of 19 teams have registered.

The players are from private businesses and the taxi community.

Tomorrow the two matches will continue and on the 29th Chari Tshen will play against Thimphu Namro. BPCL will play against the winners of yesterday’s match and Druk Green will play against whoever wins among Drokpo 13 or Charo 13.

Upasana Dahal

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