Drukair Airline crew member and an Indian caught with illegal gold

On 30 August, a 39-year-old woman, who is a cabin crew member of Drukair, was caught with more than 250 grams of gold. The woman was returning home from Bangkok on 27 August when customs officials at the Paro Airport stopped her.

Also, on the same day a 23-year-old man from Patna, Bihar, India was caught trying to allegedly smuggling 6 kgs of gold. He is a cook working in Dubai.

The customs officials at the Paro Airport discovered the gold, which the man had concealed in his jacket during a routine check. The foreigner had arrived from Bangkok on a morning flight.

The suspect had already reserved a room in Paro for two days prior to his arrival where he had to deliver the gold. It is said that his employer had given the gold to be delivered in Bhutan.

The cases are still under investigation.

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