DTT has incumbent NC candidates on board

Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa (DTT) so far has launched 26 candidates including two female candidates. By 20 May, the party will be introducing three female candidates. In addition, DTT, as of now, has three former Members of Parliament in their team.

It was learnt that the party has few National Council’s incumbents joining the party and they also have received proposals from NC aspiring candidates who have participated in the recent NC Elections. However, they are in process of discussing to bring them on board.

The Media spokesperson of DTT said that they are party born out of people’s deepest aspirations and needs for a representation that truly reflected them, as former village representatives and political party coordinators who represent the voices of their people in the grassroots informed them on this.

“Our slogan Meyser Thuendrel, very much captures this essence where we believe we are an outcome through these consultations with the people, and likewise, our manifesto which is presently being drafted is in keeping with this,” the party added.

DTT said that as Bhutanese voters have always proven in past elections, they have full confidence in their judgment and more so now having gained experience and gleaned from the discharge of duties of parties they elected to power. 

The party shared that though they may appear as a new party, its candidates bring with them track records that define the maturity, experience and necessary skills required to confront the challenges of the time and propel the country into the economic horizons that it has long vied for.

The party further said, “ For now, our strategy is simple. Win the hearts and trust of the Bhutanese electorates who feel let down and left out in the process. Irrespective of the outcome of the elections, we are in it for the journey, for the process and to offer a choice for the people.”

Meanwhile, DTT said that they promote greater participation of women and youth in all spheres of society through responsive policies and programs; and their party had been in search for female candidates since day one and they are still in the process.

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