Dusshera, celebrating the death of Evil

There could be nothing more glorious than the heights of glory encompassed in the defeat of evil by undying good in the eternal battle of the two most prominent forces which dictate every small consequential actions in the person of every breathing soul on earth.

Perhaps that is why victory is always reason good enough for celebrations and the festival of Dusshera just happens to be routed on the very same blue print of ‘undying evil subjugated and the good and virtuous liberated’.

Dusshera is also known as Vijaya Dasami. It is celebrated on the tenth day after Lord Rama killed the ten-headed demon king Ravana and awarded the kingship of Lanka to his brother Vibhishana.

This season of celebrations, the day has been the same as every year with the same renewed spirit of festivity with the essence of its divinity embellished in the intricacies of the ceremonies, the joyous laughter of young minds, and the re-enactment of the whole legendary narrative in the voices of the aged and respected senior citizens.

It is one of the most important festivals for Hindu people in India, the festival of pujas, lights, gatherings, music, songs and lots of food and drinks.

Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped during the Dusshera celebrations.

Likewise in Bhutan most of the people and especially those in the south as well as Indians residing in Bhutan celebrate the day with great zeal.

In the afternoon of Dusshera, two little kids beautifully dressed up along with their mother walk cheerfully by the road of Jigme Losel Primary School in Thimphu are headed toward their relatives’ places for the Tika ceremony.

The mother of two, Tika Ghalley from Sarpang said she always plans for the day and so bought sermon dresses for her kids from Phuentsholing just for the occasion.

Also, she made various calls to her relatives at her place and now she is headed toward her relatives’ place where a big union of relatives and siblings await.

Tika says four more days are left for the celebrations, if we are not able to finish with our tika ceremony, we do continue if not we celebrate with loads of food and drinks.

While in BPC colony, two brothers have gathered along with their family which adds up to a good 22 in total to celebrate the day.

Narath Chhetri, a businessman has come all the way from Punakha just for the day. He says us adults, don’t have many plans for ourselves but want to give kids all the joy and happiness on the day.

The two brothers said they would celebrate only for a day since it is the day of elder putting tika on younger and blessing them.

However, it would have been the different story if we are in the village, which we could celebrate almost five days. We have around 100 people there, they added.

A seven year old daughter of Narath Chhetri, Neelu says she is very much happy on the day after the tika ceremony and she says she got Nu.300 and she plans to buy a color book for herself.

While Bhimla, a Class XII graduate presently doing an IT course says she is happy to put Tika and get blessed by the elders. “I have put tika from five people,” she said.

Construction laborers, office goers and all have left for the celebrations, some are left out of no option to stay because of the work.

Sameer, 25, a laborer at a construction site is the only one to be left behind while 13 of his friends left for Cooch Bihar, while some went to Jaigaon.

He said in a sad tone that he could not go since there was nobody to look after the site.

He said usually on the day he is part of a huge celebratory crowd honoring the day in the grandest way possible.

“We put on new dresses and put tika from elders and visit relatives’ places and with huge gathering where songs and dances are being performed,” said Sameer, who is a devout Hindu.

He said he misses his home and friends more as it has suddenly become such a lonely day for him on the celebration day. However he said some of his friends will return in a day and then he plans to go for the Diwali.

In India ten days before Dusshera, the whole epic of Ramayana is enacted in various parts of India.

The occasion is also celebrated in many countries where people of Hindu faith reside.

It is on the tenth day that people come out in processions and chant the greatness of Lord Rama and enact the whole Rama-Ravana war on streets. It is said that this is a way to remind people of the fact that truth always triumphs and this motivates one and all to follow the path of dharma.

The social networking sites are also filled with Dusshera greetings with various pictures of gods and goddesses and greeting cards posted on the pages of most popular sites on Facebook.

Some of the Bhutanese students studying in Bangalore said they had a party last Sunday to celebrate the day since their exams are around the corner.

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  1. samir sardana

    Bhutanese should know who Rama is. As per the Valmiki Ramayana Rama was a Gay pandy,impotent,coward,Dalit killer and a man whi pimped hsi wife to demons,apes and his own brother.

    Case 1 – Rama told Sita to whore herself- this is in the Valmiki Ramayana

    Chapter [Sarga] 115

    तद्गच्छ त्वानुजानेऽद्य यथेष्टं जनकात्मजे |
    एता दश दिशो भद्रे कार्यमस्ति न मे त्वया || ६-११५-१८

    “O Seetha! That is why, I am permitting you now. Go wherever you like. All these ten directions are open to you, my dear lady! There is no work to be done to me, by you.”

    तदद्य व्याहृतं भद्रे मयैतत् कृतबुद्धिना |
    लक्ष्मणे वाथ भरते कुरु बुद्धिं यथासुखम् || ६-११५-२२

    “O gracious lady! Therefore, this has been spoken by me today, with a resolved mind. Set you mind on Lakshmana or Bharata, as per your ease.”

    įatrughne vätha sugréve räkņase vä vibhéņaëe |
    niveįaya manaų séte yathä vä sukhamätmanaų || 6-115-23

    “O Seetha! Otherwise, set your mind either on Shatrughna or on Sugreeva or on Vibhishana the demon; or according to your own comfort.”

    Case 2 – Sita called Rama an Impotent Pansy

    Book II : Ayodhya Kanda – Book Of Ayodhya Chapter[Sarga] 30

    किम् त्वा अमन्यत वैदेहः पिता मे मिथिला अधिपः | राम जामातरम् प्राप्य स्त्रियम् पुरुष विग्रहम् || २-३०-३

    “What my father, the king of Mithila belonging to the country of Videha, think of himself having got as so-in-law you, a woman having the form of a man?”

    अनृतम् बल लोको अयम् अज्ञानात् यद्द् हि वक्ष्यति | तेजो न अस्ति परम् रामे तपति इव दिवा करे || २-३०-४

    Case 3 – Rama the Coward and Dalit Killer

    Rama killed a Sudra to save the son of a Brahmin ! Also because the Sudra was studying the Vedas

    Book 7, the ‘Uttarakanda’ [Final Chapter], sargas 73-76, in the Adhyatma Ramayana version of Ramayana.

    When Rama is reigning as a virtuous king, a humble aged Brahmin comes to him, weeping, with his dead son in his arms. He says that Rama must have committed some sin, or else his son would not have died.

    (74) The sage Narada explains to Rama that a Shudra is practicing penances, and this is the cause of the child’s death.

    (75) Rama goes on a tour of inspection in his flying chariot, and finds an ascetic doing austerities, and asks who he is. ”

    (76) Hearing the [inquiring] words of Rama of imperishable exploits, that ascetic, his head still hanging downwards [as part of his austerities] answered:— ‘O Rama, I was born of a Shudra alliance and I am performing this rigorous penance in order to Conquer the heavens with this body. Lord Rama killed him due to his bad intentions and there by giving Shambuka his Moksha.

    Case 4 – Rama the impotentica

    This is Hanooman describing the UNDERSIZED LIMPDICK VIRILE MEMBRANE OF RAMA ! (Don’t ask how did Hanooman know)

    Book V : Sundara Kanda – Book Of Beauty
    Chapter [Sarga] 35
    “He has three folds in the skin of his neck and belly. He is depressed at three places (viz. the middle of his soles, the lines on his soles and the nipples).

    He is undersized at four places (viz. the neck, membran virile, the back and the shanks). He is endowed with three spirals in the hair of his head.

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