Dzongkhags under Green Zone implement relaxations

Based on the responses received from the government, the dzongkhags under green zones has issued a notification on dos and the don’ts for the unlocking phase which began from January 6. 

The COVID-19 Task Force of different dzongkhags notified the people on dos and don’ts during the relaxation. As per the notification issued by all the dzongkhags under green zones, schools, institutions and offices will remain close. All the shops, catering essentials goods will be allowed while, operation of high risk business activities such as Drayangs, karaoke, snooker are not allowed. Social gatherings, religious events and games and sports will not be allowed.

Pedestrian movement has been allowed and also construction works are allowed in self containment mode.

 Lhuentse Dzongda Jambay Wangchuk said that so far people are cooperating and abiding by the guidelines and desuups, police and community leaders in gewogs are monitoring.

“In the unlocking phase people are following the dos and don’ts. And even the shopkeepers are very mindful about the situation and they are not opening daily. People are also coming out for buying only essentials and other necessary works,” he said.

He said that the main challenges faced is that people are trying to move out from the dzongkhag as they are stranded and also for essentials.

“We are allowing for essentials to move in and out but we are controlling and balancing between people’s welfare and safety too,” he said.

Mongar Dzongda Ugyen Sonam also said that they didn’t face any challenges except for people trying to move to other dzongkhags.

“Vehicle movement is solely for essentials and emergency but people are trying to move out saying that they have emergencies and we are bogged down with the permit issuing since it takes time for verifying and for authentication,” he said, adding that monitoring is going strictly and they are checking whether people are following the safety protocols.

Tashiyangtse Dzongda Thuji Tshering said that COVID-19 task force, police and desuups are monitoring and so far there is no major challenges faced by the dzongkhag.

He said that there are not much people stranded in the dzongkhags since these people were allowed to move during the time of lockdown.

Meanwhile, essential works and emergencies are facilitated and allowed to move.

The Gasa District COVID-19 Task Force together with other Sector heads had a thorough discussion in the morning of 5th January for a detailed measure on this smart phase wise unlocking.

“The Smart Unlocking procedures are fashioned considering our aim to keep the District in the green color code and also make this unlocking keys more bearable in a way people take it specifically in a more normal way,” the taskforce said.

Gasa Dzongda Rinzin Penjor said that people are quite aware of the situation and they are following the safety protocols during the unlocking phase as well.

He said that stranded people are being facilitated for movement to green zones and otherwise for movement to red zone people are being advised not to travel.

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