Eagerly waiting for the new school

The people of Dagana impatiently await the construction of a new school in Pangserpo about 74 kilometers away from the dzongkhag.

The people in the gewog and especially the students feel,  after much hardships faced by the village and its residents, the new construction will bring better times in their lives.

The construction on the school started last year in the month of August and the approximated date for completion of the construction is by the end of this year.

The contract for the construction has been assigned to Yarab construction.

The construction is said to be different from any other school constructions, because this time the contractors had used interlocking system in each classrooms and for the halls.

“This new construction of school will generate remunerations for a number of households in the gewog as the place is also located in the center,” Passang Wangdi, the site engineer said.

Moreover, the place is also suitable for the constructions of colleges in the future and it is also good for both parents and students in terms of accessibility and a suitable environment for studies.

The site engineer said “the place is located in a peaceful area free of the urban hustles and bustles. It can be better used if the government can make some colleges here in the future”.

As of now the construction of the school is till the primary levels starting from class PP to class VI. Eight numbers of rooms with a big library and a multipurpose hall (MPH) for the students are included in the current plans.

Gup Thinley Wangchuk said, “I am actually honored to have this type of a new school in my gewog as there won’t be any trouble for the students and the parents. Before, it was very hard for both parents and the students to travel a long way from Pangserpo to Drujeygang to send their children for education”.

Talking to some of the parents, Jangchuk Pemo said, “Finally now my children will not have to walk long distances to their school. It was because of the long journey that I didn’t send my two kids to study”.

She said now her children can continue their studies in the new school and then go on further studies after that.

Jangchuk Pemo does not seem to be the only parent who put the children’s schooling on hold due to the absence of a closely located school.

Gyetshen, a father of three kids had also decided to spare his children the troubles that were waylaid by a tiring journey back and forth from school.

“Before when my kids wanted to go to school I hardly encouraged them. And it was because of the problems they faced while walking for long hours as the route is very dangerous to walk at night. Now, I am happy that the government has constructed a new school for our kids,” said Gyeltshen.


Sonam Wangmo / Dagana


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