Eco friendly roads in Bhutan, a possibility

Modern technology offers various opportunities to implement new eco friendly and cheap road building methods and some local firms are trying to promote a few tried and tested methods developed in Europe.

One method is the Deans Infratech technology that offers cost effective alternative road construction with a patented soil stabilization technology from Germany.

“Compared with conventional method, black topping is not required here and the system offers economic and environmental advantages for,” Keeyang Enterprise, agent of Dean Infracrete in Bhutan, said.

A presentation of Dean Infracrete Soil Stabilization technology was made to the Ministry of Work and Human Settlement (MOWHS) and Thimphu thromde by Dean Infratech Private Limited.

“If the government is interested, we would like to bring this technology in Bhutan and would also like to propose establishment of a manufacturing unit in Bhutan. The establishment of manufacturing unit in the country would employ a huge number of youths and if the project is accepted, training would be provided in Germany,” Keeyang enterprise said.

“Since our technology is from Germany, we specifically use the specialized machinery for soil stabilization to get the desired results and strength. We believe in following the right process and procedure so that we can deliver the project with highest quality standards.”

Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation in India will implement the technology in one pilot project of about 100 km of their new highway project to be constructed from Mumbai to Nagpur.

According to Keeyang Enterprise, “Building of roads with this technology is easier for India because of the topography of the country. Because Bhutan is a mountainous country, it would take as long as 5-7 days to construct 1 km of which is quite admirable because with the conventional method, it would take around 4 months”.

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