Economic centers in eastern region under way: MoEA Minister

Nanglam MP Choida Jamtsho during the Question and Answer session of National Assembly (NA) said that Kanglung under Trashigang and Nanglam under Pemagatshel were identified as the economic centers in the eastern regions since the previous government’s tenure. In addition, Motanga under Samdrupjongkhar was started as an industrial estate.

In line to this, the MP asked the Economic Affairs Minister on the state of establishment of economic centers in Nanglam and Kanglung. He also asked an update on the status of construction of industrial estate at Motanga in Samdrupjongkhar.

To the response Economic Affairs Minister, Loknath Sharma, said that the ministry, particularly Department of Trade (DoT) and Department of Cottage and Small Industry (DCSI), is not aware when Kanglung was mentioned or identified as the economic hub.

However, Lyonpo Loknath Sharma said, “Except its location in the interior part and no availability of potential land, domestic hub is not far from possible due to existence of institutes.”

Lyonpo also said that there is need of such regional hubs for balanced regional development for which Kanglung and Nanglam were identified then. “The preparation of structural plans and development was vested to Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS) and is in progress,” he added.

The structural plan of Kanglung was approved by National Consultative Committee on Human Settlement in December 2016. In addition, the Local Area Plan (LAP) is under progress with the Dzongkhags and water supply scheme is also under construction by MoWHS.

Lyonpo said that a total of Nu 150 million (mn) was approved for Kanglung and Nu 100 mn was approved for Nanglam. He said, “Nanglam has better and faster potential for economic activity for its proximity and connectivity and few activities are already there.”

In addition, dry-port development for Nanglam is under process for which land is earmarked and feasibility study to be completed by June 2020. And a budget of 10 mn has been approved for so, he said.

Lyonpo shared to the House that the creation of economic hub and development of structure plans is with MoWHS whereas LAP is with respective dzongkhags.

Meanwhile, Lyonpo said that Motanga Industrial Park covers an area of 155.56 acres and the work on the development of park started in 2016. “Work on boundary wall, road and drainage, shifting of HT line, estate management office and water reservoir has been completed, ” he said.

A total of Nu 87.64 mn was spent during 11th FYP. Internal roads and street lightings are under construction and CDCL is taking up the construction of bridge and water supply.

Lyonpo said, “Similar to other parks, the area is zoned into four categories, agro-based, wood-based, mineral-based and others. A total of 31 promoters have been allotted land in the park. Out of these, 4 projects are under operation, 8 under construction and rest at various stage of finalization.”

The park is under operation while the infrastructure facilities are also being developed simultaneously, he added.

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