EDP 2017 approved

The government has approved the Economic Development Policy (EDP) 2017.

The EDP 2017 has a total of 252 policy provisions and provides the overall enabling environment to continue creating a transparent and conducive environment for business and investment in the Bhutanese economy.

Several ‘game changers’ have been identified throughout the policy which will form part of the reform agenda. Further, emphasis is also provided to prioritize the five jewels (Hydropower, Tourism, CSIs, Mining and Agriculture), enhance service delivery and reduce administrative burden for businesses, diversify exports, enhance productivity and progress towards being a knowledge based and self reliant society.

Learning from experience, the EDP will assign specific timelines and accountability on agencies on the implementation of the policy.

The policy will be officially launched by the Prime Minister by the end of January. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economic Affairs will formulate fiscal incentives which are also expected to be launched shortly.

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