Educationist Sangay Dorji elected from Chukha

Competing against five candidates, Sangay Dorji, 38, from Bongo gewog, Chukha won the race with 5,079 votes (EVM- 3,916, Postal Ballot- 1,163).  Against him was Hem Kumar Ghalley who secured 3,534 votes followed by Tshewang Lham, a lone woman candidate, securing 2,458 votes, Kinley Dorji securing 1,725 votes, Pema Tenzin, an incumbent candidate, securing 1,586 votes and Damcho Gyeltshen securing 684 votes.

Sangay Dorji said that he feels a great sense of responsibility falling on his shoulders. “Though I have worked in various firms in my past years, I never felt this big a responsibility on my shoulder. Since people have placed their trust and confidence on me, I now feel that my responsibility is bigger,” he added.

More than happiness, he said that he feels obliged and thankful to each and every people of Chukha, including his family members and teachers, for all their support.

“I think I have won the race because I truly would have won the heart of the people. I have given my best during my stay in Chukha and probably during my door-to-door campaign, I spoken everything with clarity,” he added.

He also said that his election manifesto went down well with the voters. He has set priorities in five areas; to strengthen the rule of law, to safeguard the interest and rights of every Bhutanese, to uphold the Constitution for a vibrant democracy, to achieve the goals of GNH, and collaborate and coordinate with the two NA members of Chukha to address dzongkhag specific issues.

However, he said that he would firstly work on the unity between the people in dzongkhag, drunkhags, gewogs, so they know that they are all same from one family, and make it conducive to work between the people and government.

Thereby, he said, “I want to create an environment where people don’t find a place for any hesitation to come to me and suggest me or brief me on any matter.”

Sangay Dorji holds a Masters in Educational Management and Administration. He has 13 years of work experience in the civil service, serving as principal in all levels of school, both in government and private.

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