Employees claim unethical dismissal from STCBL, while STCBL says it is voluntary retirement

Seven employees of State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited (STCBL) have told this paper that they have been sacked without any prior notice or a valid reason from their service in STCBL. The company, during the last week of April this year, served the dismissal orders to four female and three male employees citing the decision of the company board, and redundancy factor.

Of the seven employees affected, four were made to resign under the Early Retirement Scheme (ERS) and three had to take the compulsory retirement scheme (CRS).

The employees have alleged that such a decision to dismiss the few selected employees of the company must have come from the Managing Director due to a personal grudge he holds against them, and that the management committee had nothing to do with it.

According to one of the dismissed employee, who did not want to be named, the employees were called to the conference hall of the company to meet the managing director (MD) on 22nd April, only to be told that they were being fired from the company. The employee said they were forced to hand in their resignation letters as soon as possible. They were given two options, to take the ERS or the CRS. “We were forced to write a one line application and put up to our heads,” said an employee.

The terminated employees also told this paper that the MD has claimed in one of the papers that a few incompetent employees who chose to resign voluntarily were laid off, but this they said is not true as everyone was forced to leave the job either under ERS or CRS.

They added that it was difficult to decide on a course of action as they were shocked with such developments at work. “We did not accept it since it means losing our bread,” they said. The dismissed employee also said that the call to leave the company came when on leave. “I was in the hospital as my kid was not feeling well, and was in the queue when I got the call,” added the former employee.

“Managing director called up saying that I have to leave under ERS. We were told to write one-line application and fax it to head of HRAS or risk compulsory retirement. I was given two hours to do that, hence, I was left with no option than to write one-line application and fax it from the hospital,” added the terminated employee.

The dismissed employees claim that they have been in the company for last 13 years with clean service records. “We have served the STCBL for last many years under different managing directors, and we have worked under present managing director for last 4 and half years.” They further said that during the period they have not been reprimanded by any of the supervisors.

“No written warning has been issued in our name for any reasons.” Hence, they said they needed to know on what ground they have been dismissed. “If we were found to be unproductive then why was the management keeping silent for the 4 and half years?”  They also said that it is the responsibility of the management to guide, reprimand, and increase the productivity of employees  in the company, but till date no such action has been taken.

The employees insist such a decision has not come from the management committee, but they allege that it is a single-headed decision by the MD as the present management committee members are related to him. “So, we feel that they are one and any decision taken, there will have no proper arguments, justifications, etc.”

Further, they also accuse that head of HRAS of being very close to MD since he worked under MD during his tenure as general manager in Basochhu power station. He joined STCBL in April 2009. They have also been unable to approach the company secretary to file a petition for the fear of repercussions since the company secretary is the wife of the MD’s brother, and the brother is also the head of a section in the same company.

According to an anonymous source, the ex-employees were also warned against reporting such issues to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), and to the board of directors.

However, according to the MD of STCBL Dorji Namgay, the employees were laid off based on the company’s business ethics and the overall master plan. He added that with the issue of growing competition in the market, the management has opted to keep only those who are competent enough to contribute towards the company’s overall growth.

He said that seven employees were listed under ERS and CRS among which four of them were listed under ERS, and three were listed under CRS. The employees were notified about a month before asking for their application under the different resignation scheme.

The MD said that the resigning employees were asked to put up the application for ERS from 10th April till 22nd of this year, and it is when they did not turn up that the management board asked them to put up the application or else they will have to resign under CRS.

“I have two relatives working in the company, one is my brother in-law and other is my niece,” Dorji Namgay said.

Adding that the two were recruited after fulfilling all labour requirements, Further he said that the company fired the incompetent employees after taking care of their benefits and the company has plans to recruit the more qualified and competent employees.

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  1. Tashi Phuntsho

    All these corporations in Bhutan were somehow headed by people who have background and connections with the board members. That is 100 percent true, anyone can check. The outsider even though competent and qualified will not be even shortlisted. I heard from few that they could not get shortlisted even, and even if shortlisted, they will not get the post unless you are related or is friend with board members. There is big corruption in the recruitment of MD’s in corporations. If our Corporations in Bhutan need to grow and compete with other private entities (inside and outside Bhutan), the MD’s should be selected based on their experience, qualification and capability. People with relatives and friends as board members of the same company or affiliated company should not be selected. Labour ministry and ACC should strictly look into this issue. If the new government is among the three DNT, PDP and DCT, I am sure they will definitely look into such cases seriously.

  2. The STCBL has announced vacant post for the CEO and funniest part is that in the nomination form there is a table where nominator information has been asked. This clearly shows that if an applicant is referred/nominated by a powerful people/influential people, the vacant post is assured for that him/her and interview is just for a name shake. Otherwise why STCBL specially asked for that instead they could have asked for NOC, clearance if employed, and CV like any other requirements for vacant post. 

  3. For that matter, all CEO post that are related to DHI is same. There has to be some one backing you, otherwise, you will not be shortlisted at all. Unless and until they get one with high backing or else their own relatives or friends, they keep re-advertising the post, and in some case they just forget about the post. 

    So please do not attempt to apply and waste time if you have no backing and if you are not related to one of the board director of the company. DNT, DCT or PDP should come into power to take out all these ills and give equal opportunity to all. 

    • DPT has not interfered as DHI is an independent body, that’s why you will find all ex PDP people filling most of these good posts advertised by DHI. Please name one DPT supporter who has got a good post under DHI and I will name you some PDP supporters have have benefited.

      So, please note that the DNT, DCT or PDP will not be able to do anything. If the DPT had somehow done something to change the status quo, the same people cribbing here would be accusing the PM of meddling in other peoples affairs.

  4. it is very funny to read the above article and more over, very sad to know that there are many un-qualified employees in stcbl so where will they go now?long time back real bussiness were set up by those un qualified staffs and used to get bonus of 2-3 months salary every year without any fail, but now since company is talking about qualified employees i think nothiing to do with it in bussiness.

    already no bussiness set up and after joining this CEO no budge.t all finished in having party and going for retreat …………..also new bussiness just a name sake no income at all………………….more salary and allowances given to HODS and no income………..the allowances and salry given to those heads can survive for few low paid employees…………….when GOVT is talking about EMPLOYEES and GNH where is this happening in this company………..please look into the matter and kindly suggests to those poor employees now………while CEO of this company is leaving soon to DHI as CEO how can he leave after creating so many problems in the STCBL.try to solve the problems of the poor employees and have a fair judgement .Also if its ERS then what makes MD call himself to each employees to put for application,,,,,,,,,,,if you have qualified employes n many HODS what makes CEO call himself?Where is your HRAD dept?Why you have to call to only few selected staffs?Do u have a personal grudge with them?

  5. don’t be surprised if STCBL CEO join DHI as CEO for any of the dept. under DHI. What Dhendhen said above is true. Only people related to their circle will get job in these corporations. It happened in all the DHI post interview in the past. So be prepared to hear the news without shock.

    PDP or DNT and especially from the campaigning manifesto of DNT we believe all such ills can be reduced or prevented for ever. So please vote for DNT or PDP

  6. I strongly agree with the above cited articles..there r around 22 staff who are getting allowance ranging 4rm 7-9000 which is equal to grade 13/14 staff salary . The Staff have no other option than to approach the higher authority as the panel members here are all same n they will never fight for the welfare n support the staff rather than that if they get opportunity they will just stab and add fuel to the fire….IS THERE ANY ORGANIZATION THAT HAVE 15-17 HODS and that too they have worked just for 2-3 yrs and getting this much allowance. Is it that they r graduate n the preference given them rather than senior staff.?.. Y does a company have to pay extra allowance when they are already paid salary according to their grade. Y..Y. ? Almost 90% of the seniors staff have left the company directly or indirectly . Y is that they suspense a staff on a silly reason ( GOSSIP ) ( guess this is not a big issue ) is it that we cant gossip in STCBL ena?….or is it their own company that as n when they like to take action they can sa..ena and more over y do they give harassment to the staff ? As far as we are concern 51% of share is is owned by the Govt and 49% public dividend ..Y did the management suspended just one Y not both of them..?????????……Y do they kick out staff in CRS ??? Is that too done in fair way ???? Does the Mgnt team eat GOLD n the ordinary staff eat stool????The service Book is just 4 name sake…they can revoke office order as n when they like ..When HODs husband n wife gets transfer they get personal effects but when ordinary staff husband n wife gets transfer they r not entitled to get the personal effects..does this mean that they make the use of service book? Actually HRAS person is the main bridge between the staff n the Mgnt but here STCBL has a WRONG PERSON IN WRONG POSITION>

  7. Its is learnt that previous GM Kafley had many issues in HRAS Dept and fined by Labour Ministry and also there are so many issues among his management team who are directly or indirect related to him. still than no action to them and MS kafley by MD and heard that rite now she is manager in TATA parts. Is it because GM Kafley has contributed money among staffs and gifted MANAGING DIRECTOR NOKIA LUMIA MOBILE which cost around Nu. 25000/- when she was GM IN HRAS DEPT ?and also heard that MD has bought LAND IN GELEPHU from her mother MRS SASHI KAFLAY who is still working in THIMPHU STCBL OFFICE AT HER RETIRE AGE. and if you talk about PRODUCTIVE & UNPRODUCTIVE What about those division like HPCL, S-SMART, AGRICULTURE MACHINE, LIUGONG , Paracetumal, AUTO CAR WASH, and etc that were rotationally Headed by his relative and no product so far, they are still having allowance of Nu. 9000-10000 apart from their salary. Moreover why his target is only on 5 senior and married ladies, Tthey are in the company for more than 10-13 years with clean service record. And also its very funny to learn that some of the lady make SAKAM EZAY and send to CEO daughter in Kolkata and that lady had few issues and her job is still secured. Those poor lady would have learnt how to make SAKAM EZAY AIEEEE…..

  8. Not all the Corporation in bhutan same like STCBL.The Job will be secured only for those who knows how to make Shakam Ezay , carry hand bag of the lady Manager, report news whats happening in the office and give gifts to the BOSS.Also make special curry and serve lunch to their immediate boss.What about the other poor employees who doesnt know how to give gift, make ezay and sent to MDS daughter to Kolkata College.Also why only married women were MD’s target why not those single unmarried women ….who were flying like butterfly infront of the MD all the time something fishy since MDs wife is not here in bhutan.any way keep doing chamcha for ur big boss its really doinggood work for you guys carry on………..(chamchas) you born to do this kind of work and got rewarded too.BUT for how long you will do this may be next MD won’t like it so better be careful mey.What kind of HODS in STCBL all useless ones dont know how to set up bussiness just doing what was there long time back.trying to show something new bussiness but all loss,,,,loss big loss to the Company and affecting those low paid employees.making un-necessary tour and taking huge allowances ya..what you guys have done new show the world what have you all done.People are talking about MPS ,NCS and prime minister all the time i mean their salary and what ever they do but then if we think it nicely they deserve it coz they have to think about our country and what ever they do its for our generation but then where as a corporation like STCBL for those HODS doing nothing they are the ones who gives our bussiness to other companies and taking huge salary, Allowances and fixed line phone. Data card , voucher allowances , tea allowances, and if we go deep there are so many things which other company doesnt have ,so whoever wants to help employees of STCBL please take a note of all this.instate of new bussiness it will be better if we open not Beauty but UGLY contest in STCBL height not necessary high heals will do and beauty not necessary black and white and only if you know how to take goose……this bussiness will do in stcbl no tension .

  9. Hey Lastpiece/Tenzin & Dorji Dolo,

    It is very shameful to read all the vague, if u all are really dissatisfied why don,t u seek the legal help /advice. This is just wasting the time dont bring such topic again like giving ezay to MD daughter, gift to MD,selling of land etc.Now it is easy to say but later u must have to prove it if felt necessary. best regards.

  10. Dear all,
    I have also gone through the above and noticed that it seem you are having some personal grievances with STCB, CEO. Why you are disclosing such nonsense issue about HOD, land ,ezzay etc. etc. From my experience the CEO must have obtained the approval from the board and according to the qualification given the post of HOD for better performance of the company. I am sure the CEO have not grab the kafley land she must have sold willingly, and it is upto the seller and the buyer. When the seller received the full payment based on the existing market value, then why you are felling so jelious or did the seller approach to you saying all about nonsense story. And with regards to the ezzay, it may be the courtesy of the ezzay specialist and why so surprise, who is that specialist? I would also like to request for the ezzay once. Oh m simply killing the time let it be.,,, I quit here la. By, by.

    • Yes laa Shame on STCBL CEO DORJI NAMGAY too. he has taken his personal grudge to those five senior most ladies and heard that he had charged them if they have reported against him to Anti corruption and board member with other 25 employees of STCBL, he also called up some staff and asked them whether those ladies had reported to ACC against him or not, and at the last moment of his tenure with STCBL he has used his power and suddenly taken out ERS order that’s for safer side for him and indirectly sent them out with the help of his management team who are said to be directly or indirectly his relative and He also insult them saying they are unproductive and unskilled, we came to know that most of his relative HEADS appointed by him by misusing his power were unproductive and so many business opened like HPCL, SMART, MEDICINE, AGRI MACHINE and etc but could not succeed and had to shut down, The only servicing business are old like TATA, TOYOTA, EXPLOSIVES AND EICHER. My dear u all should know that he taking such decision at the eleventh hour of his service with STCBL is truly personal grievance against them. Moreover we heard that more than 60% of staff down the line are not happy because of Harassment from those newly head appointed by MD DORJI Namgay’s time who are related to him directly or indirectly, but they can’t speak out thinking that they mite loose their job. He should not have misused his power when BOARD TRUST HIM AND GIVE HIM FULL POWER . anyways best of luck to those five ladies for JUSTICE.

  11. Wai charo why you are after STCB and stcb,s CEO, it is the biggest and oldest motor vehicle trading company in the kingdom.  Don’t dominate the CEO is nominated by the bord after the through interview.why you are bringing the personal matter in this forum., please avoide it, some small things happen in the big company everywhere got it.


  12. hey passa,lava n descant……

    i agree with ur comment abt land..ezay n etc….but wht they did with MD is to be GOLDEN SPOON(hope u guys understand)…n they want to terminate the staff they don’t like by HODS…To get suport from MD….n if ur staff of stcbl u must be know the envrioment of stcbl n n if ur not staff there, u just go and see the character of HOD’S,,,most of them r dreaming in other world cos jaigaon is just near…n making stupid plan in dreaming world…N Md also listening to HOD’s, he too have listen to all the staff mena…n make proper decission.Just creating unnessecery problem…He is just using his single ear,,,Have to use both the ears…And ADM also have writtten such a word to old staff,, saying tht they r unproductive n unskilled,How can he say tht to old staff,,,i think they r the one who made company alive..they have been working since last 10 to 13 years,I think unproductive n unskilled are ADM n HODS…just creating problem in the office many time,,,like Toyota MAnager Kinley Bidha creating such a shameful problem at Thimphu office..ok bye byeeeeeeeeeeee.

  13. Ok, now I got your point, you may be the unlucky person to fall under ERS/CRS  the management must have taken the wright  decision at the wright time. I am sure  you are trying to be in a thick soup. 

    • Thick soup will be all HOD’s, taking wrong dicision at the wrong time…Rambo….if u understand above article…..

  14. Dear unlucky ladies,
    I guess u all, now at the end how can you put the blame on your HOD and CEO? You are being senior staff serving for 10-15 yrs, how you are kick out from the corporation,unproductive/unskilled it may be your ego. Your statement sense that CEO was misguided by the HOD it may be, but you must have also misuse the office fund, property, misbehave, and so on which were beyond your service rules may be the causes.  Firstly you must have think back to 10- 15 yrs. time when you join in STCB ,is it through interview brive  etc..etc..or how you have been appointed ,it may be the practise which follows by your example, but I do belive no such practice are being carried out by the  present management , sure. But  i feel how and what benefit will you get after revealling all the nonsense and how you will prove it to the justice. The person who carry the small parcel/ gift like ezzay will not be the sufficient evidence for you, it is the Bhutanese culture normally still follows in our society.
    Even the I say best of luck for the justice.

    Best of luck. 

    • Wai Descent how can u say unlucky to those ladies who knows who is lucky and who is un- unlucky, think carefully urself also who is lucky first of all.I think God have given them everything already just becoz they are being faithful to their office by doing good job till now.they are not blameing the CEO and HODS i think they got the full right to fight for their job.If you all wanted to kick them out you could have not taken out the system of CRS/ERS if you have guts should have taken out office order .if you are talking about EGO who doesnt have ego STCBL is rulling with your EGO .misusing of office fund long time back no such system all are doing right things what ever happens in office all will be known by each and every staffs.all have come through proper channel following right thing thats why they cant stand whats happening in their present office.you dont have to worry and poke too much of ur nose to whats happening in present situation may be your guilty inna? may be you are the one who is advising that drunker singye and single ear CEO.Now a days corruped people are using the bribe system and simply saying bhutanese culture its shameful to say this.
      Also you also think yourself your behaviour , what you doing yourself and talk about others…….its sure they will get their Justice you dont have to worry your goodluck not accepted its gone with CEOs farewell wine………..

  15. Dear All,

    Plz don’t hurt each other by writing in this forum. u know life is too short and one day we all have to die, try to be nice to everyone even if that are not good to you, whatever it is god is there to see all of us, so dear  all believe in god and try to be good with even if they are your enemy. plz plz plz……

  16. Hello dear all,
    I was thinking that the CEO,s valediction will also be cancel at the last moment like annual retrate, but luckily the devil must have steep back,….thanks for those brave …. leading the group during such period. Today let us enjoy the night with chilled and especially ezzay……peacefully. Have a great night to all.
    See you soon.

  17.  Khandu, wow…

    As you said We have greatly celebrated the night, great night, but it is also sad to mention that KB, rost became worse in absence of ezzay… It would be better with the  ezzay mo. Oh I forget … One devil has also attended the function for some time & suddenly dissepair. However we have enjoyed peacefully, hope to have celebration soon.,, 

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