Equal DNT and DPT dominance in Lhuentse

The people of Gangzur Minjey constituency favored DNT’s Kinga Penjor, who secured a total of 3,026 votes (1,440 PB + 1,586 EVM), while DPT’s Tshering Penjor secured a total of 2,638 votes (1,385 PB +1,253 EVM).

“People were able to appreciate our realistic pledges, which covered need of the hour promises instead of going by the capitalistic approaches.

Although people are aware that there is equal access to health facilities around the country, they know from experience that it’s not as free and easy to travel around to avail the facilities. So they also voted for better health access through their own experiences of hardships,” said Kinga Penjor.

Kinga Penjor also added that he was successful in convincing the people to vote for DNT with his committed work ethics.

DPT’s Tshering Dorji said that going by the postal ballots, he got the highest votes, whereby DNT dominated in the EVM and votes through the postal facilitation booths, and said that it is people’s choice that he will respect it.

Maenbi-Tsaenkhar constituency was held previously by PDP in 2013, but favored DPT in the Third Parliamentary Election and elected DPT candidate, Choki Gyeltshen, who secured a total of 2,941 votes (1,537 PB + 1,404 EVM), while DNT’s Tshering Phuntsho secured a total of 2,579 votes (1,246 PB + 1,333 EVM).

Choki Gyeltshen feels that DPT lost as a party as people perceive that a new party would be better than the old.

“I think I won from my constituency because I’ve been working in Lhuentse for the past six years as the Dzongkhag Education Officer, and brought in several reforms in the educational field. I’m attributed and often commended for upping the educational quality of Lhuentse Dzongkhag which must have also hugely contributed in my win,” said Choki Gyeltshen.

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