Establishing charging stations for electric cars  

According to the Minister of Information and Communications, a major source of pollution in Bhutan is the transport sector. “The effort of the government has been all along to improve on the pollution to reduce pollution as much as possible and give the service to people in an efficient period,” Lyonpo DN Dhungyel said.

The ministry is venturing establishing an electric mode of transportation, which will contribute in reducing the amount of pollution. “But even as of now, it (electric car) hasn’t really picked up as expected especially on the charging station,” he said.

He said that initial plans of building charging station was stalled due to the lack of particular agency to manage, maintain and own the charging station. He said it was impossible for the government to handover the management to the private sector as well.

“It was decided to invite for an open tender which was bagged by the Thimphu Home Care Services Agency to maintain and monitor the present charging station and those charging station which will be built in future,” Lyonpo Dhungyal said.

He also said Thunder Motors has also started with a free charging station at Paro International Airport and one at the Centenary Farmers’ Market (CFM). He said the charging station in Paro has started to provide the service but the one located in CFM is being worked on.

In addition to the present charging stations, Lyonpo said about 115 charging stations will be set up in and around the country with the help of JICA. He said, “We will be able to get support from JICA and pursue our dream for having a green and pollution free transportation system at a national level.”

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