Ex-minister and Dzongda wrap-up common forum in Shompangkha, Sarpang

nanThe candidates of the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and People Democratic Party (PDP) during the common forum shared their party manifestos and ideologies. They also cleared the doubts of the people in the presence of election officers, government officials, and the people of the Shompangkha constituency on June 16.

During the event, the former information and communications (MoIC) minister and the DPT candidate for Shompangkha constituency, Nandalal Rai gave a brief account of the few developmental steps the incumbent government left unfurled to be fulfilled if the people re-elected them back.

He shared his party manifesto under the seven categories of construction of roads, electricity for all, water supply, health facilities, education, telecommunications, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

“There is more to be done, if the people give chance for another five years,” he added.

In his speech he mentioned the party’s goal of fulfilling the self-reliance objective for the country by 2020, the hydro-project plants to be projected to generate the capacity of 10,000 Megawatt by 2020 and promotion of the tourism sector.

For the benefit of the small shopkeepers he pledged to provide them with provisions to run businesses without trade license, and make it free from business tax levies.

The DPT candidate also pledged that his party will appoint a deputy minister in the labor ministry to promote full employment and find employment opportunities areas with implementation of refreshed policies and planning.

For the benefit of the elderly citizen who are 65 years and above and remain without proper care,  the DPT promises to provide old age pension benefits funded from the donation made by the private companies.

The DPT candidate also said the census issues faced by some of the Bhutanese are under process.

In conclusion, he asked the people of the constituency to choose the candidate who will benefit people the most.

Speaking next about his party and its manifesto was the former Dzongda of Haa and PDP candidate from the constituency, Rinzin Dorji. He said the party’s manifesto of five years ago and 2013 are different.

He assured the people that PDP will build a strong local government as it directly serves the people through proper management. He also spoke of the various pledges to alleviate the hardship faced by the people.

Regarding the private sector development, he said it was not through as the policy and planning targeted and needs to be further enhanced to provide full support for the promotion and enhancement of the private sector in the country.

On the topic of youth issues, he said his party places a high level of importance, and he added, “The youths who are graduating in thousands, and provide monetary benefit as well as employment opportunities and support for the vigorous economic development.”

Thukten Zangpo / Thimphu


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  1. PDP manifesto articulated by Rinzin Dorji is more practical which will bring direct impact to the farmers and his language skill is superb. Wishing u best of luck.

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