Expat arrested as suspected murderer of 13-year old in Sarpang

Police have apprehended an expatriate worker in connection with the murder of the 13-year-old girl in Sarpang. The suspect was arrested the same day.

The suspect has, however, not confessed to the crime

A minor girl was brutally murdered by unidentified assailant(s) and was found about 20 meters away from a short-cut path, in a forested area on Friday 12 April.

The girl normally took the route to school from her house in Dolungang village under Dekiling gewog.

The officer in-charge (OC) of the Sarpang police station said the girl was brutally murdered and her face was covered in blood. A villager had informed Police about the incident.

Upon examination by the medical team it was learnt that the suspect had used some hard object like stone to hit the girl on the forehead.

“The victim had sustained deep cuts and due to excessive bleeding the girl might have died,” said the OC.

The victim was a student of Jigmeling Primary School and was studying in class v.

As of now rape has not been confirmed but it also has not been ruled-out. According to the preliminary medical reports there were no struggle marks or ejaculation.

Police are waiting for the DNA results as they found stains on the kira of the deceased. The sample was sent to the experts.

When the police reached the crime scene, they discovered that the kira of the victim was removed from her body and was used to cover the body. Her tego (jacket) was partially removed.

Medical examination was conducted on the spot and for further examinations the body was taken to Gelephu hospital. Later, the body was handed over to the parents of the victim for last rites.

Police said that the parents were in shock when they learnt about what happened to their daughter.

The body of the girl was identified as Sonam Choden daughter of an armed personnel.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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  1. this is a such a horrible incident and its time that punishment against such a crime involving minors be life sentence

  2. Simple Parent

    Ah… reading the news, my heart gets so cold.. what a heartless man! oh my god… an innocent girl being murdered. what she might have done to be murdered brutally. Even if she did the worst thing on earth, is it worth killing her (so innocent). It makes me cry for it.. so bad.. so bad..
    If the criminal is apprehended…. don’t kill him to death immediately.. iron him/her, give electric shocks.. hit on the forehead and let him/her realize the pain.. oh no… so painful to know about such incidences… May god bless the soul of the innocent girl.. so sorry little darling…. oh… being a parent.. it is really painful…. 

  3. Utterly shocking news. Please Authorities find the culprit and give him/her the harshest punishment possible. I don’t mind death penalty in this case. Should send out the strongest message possible such crimes cannot be tolerated or taken lightly at all. RIP little girl. May your soul be relieved to the heavenly adobe.

  4. As far as murderers are concerned, forget it, our cops will never find them. As of now the following straight forward cases have still not been solved, because it somehow involves influential people:

    1. Savitiri murder case which happened nearly 10 years ago.
    2. Hit and run case near Shearee Square where a sweeper was killed, they even have the Hilux in custody but are yet to do anything.

    And, I am sure there are many others. 

    • ummm…. i remember hearing about the murderer of Savitiri long time ago……..and about the shree square..it is interesting to note why police are not able to nab the suspects……

  5. A heinous crime which deserves the harshest possible sentence.  But first, our cops have to nab the sicko do committed it.  So far, as noted by the previous writer, their track record isn’t impressive.  I hope there are some young, fearless detectives coming up.  We sure need them because as our population increases and living becomes more complex, brittle minds will snap and be overtaken by dark impulses.  Incomprehensible, inhuman crimes will increase, demanding our cops to answer the call with dedication, courage and skill.  Come on, guys and gals in blue – step up to the challenge!  Solve the Savitri case, the recent hit-and-run and the Sarpang murder of the innocent!  Don’t let the perpetrators get away!

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