Experienced narrates achievements, inexperienced pledges

With the Poll Day drawing closer, the candidates for Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) Choida Gyamtsho and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Sherab Jamtsho from Nganglam constituency under Pemagatshel made every effort to read out their pledges within the stipulated time.

Addressing the crowd first, the DPT’s Choida Gyamtsho began his speech by thanking the voters for electing DPT as the government with overwhelming number of votes in 2008, he hoped for similar support during the primary round elections too.

The candidate stated that almost every pledge the DPT made in 2008 are fulfilled, and drew attention on the major achievements the DPT fetched during its tenure.

Choida Gyamtsho said that the fundamental motive for DPT is to go self-sufficient by 2020 and reading out the DPT’s achievements, he said that during DPT’s tenure the poverty rate has reduced from 23% to 12 % in 2012.

In resolving poverty line, the candidate said that DPT cleared farm roads in every village and ensured water supply, health facilities, education, telecommunications, agriculture, and animal husbandry across the nation.

Further to secure self-sufficiency in 2020, Choida Gyamtsho said that Bhutan has the target to produce 10,000 megawatt from the hydropower projects. This, according to the candidate, is stated as the most important mission under the DPT.

He also said that the DPT will enhance the tourism sector in the country and it was during their rule, the candidate said, that more than 0.1mn tourist visited the country.

Regarding the youth unemployment issue, the DPT candidate said that more than 45,000 vacant posts were created to solve the unemployment issue since 2008.

Meanwhile the PDP candidate Sherab Jamtsho stated that the Nganglam constituency is similar to what it was before 2008, and development has happened very less during the DPT’s rule.

According to him, the PDP pledged to bring tremendous development if elected. The PDP candidate talked about ‘Wangtse Chhirpel’, the party ideology which aims to empower

people with liberty, equality, and prosperity which will be achieved by devolving power and authority from the centre to the local government, and thereby, empowering the people.

He added that if country should develop, firstly the private sector should be strengthened and civil servants are to be supported by providing increased salary with 20% allowance for house rent and also give employment to the youth.

Regarding the poverty alleviation, the candidate pledged to boost tourism in the country as this is an important means of generating hard currencies. He also further pledged to introduce tourism in the east since people in the east has not benefited as of now.

The PDP candidate also pledged to bring safe drinking water supply, utility cars for gewog centres, and to have well maintained farm roads. He also said that if PDP comes into power, it would tighten the Bhutan-India ties and curb the Rupee crises in the country.

The two candidates urged the people to vote wisely and carefully during the general rounds. The candidates reminded the voters to use their power which comes once in five years in selecting their leader who would benefit King, country and people.

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