Sakteng LSS students (Photo by Reporter Pema Seldon)

Family Planning and drop outs lead to enrollment decline in Sakteng Lower Secondary School

According to the Annual Education statistics, the enrollment of student in Sakteng Lower Secondary School has decreased by 10 students in 2019.

Looking at the education statistics of Sakteng LSS, the enrollment of student decreased continually from 2015 till 2019.

There were 303 students in 2015, 287 in 2016, 270 in 2017, 264 in 2018 and 254 in 2019. Since 2015, the number of students enrolled in Sakteng School decreased by 49 students till date.

Principal of Sakteng MSS said that the decrease in the enrollment of students could be because of decrease in the number of school going population over the years.

He said that the decreasing trend in the enrollment of student is not a concern because such trend has been observed at almost all the primary and secondary schools. Almost all the schools in Bhutan have three to four students dropping school every year.

Even in sakteng LSS, at least three to four students in Sakteng Lower Secondary School leave school every year and in 2019, 6 students dropped out, he said.

He said, “Most of the students have left schools to help their parents at home and farm. Few leave school to join monastic schools in Taiwan.”

Sakteng Gup Sangay Dorji said, “The decrease in the enrollment of students is because of decrease in the population of school going children. In the past, people were not aware about family planning methods and every couple had around nine to ten children but now couple prefers only around two to three children”.

He said, “Health officials are constantly advocating people on the use of family planning methods and the impact of having large number of children. Even the people are well aware and informed about positive and negative impact of family planning methods and prefer to control birth.”

“Apart from controlling birth, there are however, a few children who stay back at home to help their parents,” he added.

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