Father arrested for raping 11-year-old daughter

Panbang police apprehended a 36-year-old man from Goshing gewog in Pangbang. He was arrested for raping his biological daughter, who is just 11 years old and a fifth grader.

The incident was informed to police by the school principal at around 10 am on 21 December. Police said that the student (victim) has shared the incident with the principal after which the police has been informed accordingly.

During the time of the incident, the suspect was supposedly said to be drunk.

The suspect told police that he doesn’t remember anything as he was highly inebriated. The suspect also claimed that he has been drinking since early morning on the day of the incident.

As per the medical report, it was learnt that the victim has been raped by the father.

The police are yet to obtain a confession from the suspect as he did not provide any statement as of now, the police said.

The police also added that the suspect is under detention for further investigation.

The mother also did not know about the incident. The victim was handed over to her mother the same day and she said to be under stable condition.

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