Father who killed new-born baby gets bail


The Wangduephodrang dzongkhag court granted bail to the 25-year old man, who was alleged of killing his new born baby on the night of 14 March in Sephu under Wangduephodrang dzongkhag last week.

The suspect was detained by the Wangduephodrang police after he was accused of throwing his new born baby on the wall which resulted in instant death of the baby on that night.

On the morning of 14 March, the accused left home to work for one of his neighbor’s house and returned home drunk.

Due to some reasons, an argument had broken between the accused and his wife. Out of frustration, the suspect, picked up his new born baby who was born the same day and threw him on the wall.

The next day, the matter was reported to police by some of the villagers and the suspect was then arrested and detained by the police.


Chencho Dema


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