FIFA World Cup Final, the talk of T-town World Cup 2014

With just a day left for the FIFA World Cup 2014 finals between Germany and Argentina, people on the streets, city buses, taxis, in offices, towns, almost everywhere are simply excited to watch the LIVE match on TV. It is certain that Thimphu town will be noisy past midnight as people are already planning for gatherings to cheer for their favourite teams.

The countdown has begun right after the two finalists made it. The excited fans are on full swing with the preparations for the big day and to make it a memorable one.

There are hot debates on who will win the cup and the bets are piling up. Everyone seems nervous and excited at the same time.

There are also some people who will opt to watch the match on huge screen through projectors while some have plans to go out with friends to watch the finals on the big screen at Changlimithang stadium. The entry is free of cost and it is organized by Yoedzer Events and sponsored by Coca Cola since the quarter finals.

The rough estimate of people who came to watch the World Cup matches at the stadium was over 400-500 people and over 1,000 people are expected to come to watch the final match.

Talking to Sangay Bidha, a student and a football lover who has come to Thimphu for her summer vacation, she said her excitement is increasing as the finals are nearing.

“I have already bought the shirt of my team and I am going to wear it while I support my team, Argentina,” she said.

She feels fortunate to have come in the capital where the facilities are more advanced to celebrate the big football day.

Like her, there are also people who are seen buying their team’s shirts to cheer on the day. An ardent fan of Germany, Sonam said that on the day, his family and relatives are planning to meet up at his place to cheer the team. “We have already made two groups comprising of 10 members each, and whoever wins, there is prize money of Nu 20, 000 which is being collected from the groups.”

Plenty of guesses are being made on which of the two finalists will win. Kezang Tshering, 29, said Germany seems like a strong team, but at the same time, he prays and wishes for Argentina to win.

“Argentina is no less and for sure my team going to take a trophy in final,” he said.

Meanwhile, social media, like Facebook and Twitter are dominated with the FIFA World Cup final buzz. The finals will be played on Sunday, July 13.

Germany and Argentina has won over 30 nations to make it to finals. There were a total of 32 nations that competed in the World Cup matches. The World Cup 2014 kicked off on June 12.

Tashi Deki

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