Finalists play a fair and fascinating game at CARE 2013

The winners and runners up of men’s double
The winners and runners up of men’s double

The CARE 2013 badminton finals were held on the 9th of January at the Nazhoen Pelri where four matches were played.

The Hari Gurung and Muku Palden Vs Ugyen Dorji and Rinzin Wangmo match, was quite the attention grabbing match although it was played after lunch.

When the first set went to Ugyen and partner, it upped the game pressure for Hari and team mate.

They picked up good smashes from their opponents and won the second set. The game became all the more intense as pressure developed for both sides. Hari covered most of the backcourt and frontcourt and won the third set, and took the prize home.

Hari Gurung took away two 21’’ TV sets and a refrigerator.

In the men’s singles the match was played between Karma Yoezer and Hari Gurung.

Karma played a good game with some beautiful smashes which Hari couldn’t pick up, so he lost the first round. Karma knew exactly how to win over his opponent.

Karma made good attempts to make Hari move back and forth with sharp hits. Eventually Karma won both the sets and took a refrigerator home.

Hari said “I played three games today and got very tired during the last game”.

In the girls’ singles, Phuntsho Choden  defeated Rinzin Wangmo.

In the men’s doubles Ugyen Dorji and Karma Yoezer defeated Hari Gurung and partner. The players who reached the finals were all students from schools and colleges.

The winners took home a refrigerator and the runners up got a television set each.

The tournament was organized by Woezer associates.

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