Financial Responses to Watchdog RMA Dogged With Its Own Irregularities In RAA Report

Now we understand how our Apex bank is functioning and also why the INR crises occurred. The management should backside their own interest and upfront the nation interest. I doubted the functioning of RMA since import and export had created problem for the nation.

By Aito

I don’t believe Bhutanese Legal authorities can punish the big fish with big punishment. Such cases will come and go in Bhutan. No fair judgment to punish the guilty will come out and reasons are as under :-1. Small population and people are related to each other.2. Most of the big fishes in Bhutan are relatives and holding important post in Govt and doing Big business.3. Most of the senior officials including Ex-ministers has business share in every big companies in the name of their wives/sons/ daughters and share certificates received as complements/ gifts from the proprietors.4. Media in Bhutan also is to be blamed,as they don’t have guts to catch big fishes and always fail to bring followup news articles involving big and influential people.5. What happen to coal mining case after reaching high court ? What about lottery scam case ? What about misused of fund by Embassy officials ? etc

By Yaktongba

Why are our high ranking senior officials and professionals from respected institutions and organization always letting us down. Is this what we youth get to learn from our seniors and elders. Do we have to live with the feeling that what might have been if they performed their duties with the highest morals and ethics?

As ACC & RAA uncovers stories after stories of corruptions, malpractices and dubious dealings, we the youth of Bhutan are left with the feeling of hopelessness and anger looking at where our country is heading.

By Youth

A pleasant surprise from the watchdog being dogged down. But it seems like it’s just a tip of iceberg revealed with audit’s way of auditing based on random sampling, they must have got on the first pick and left up to this only. If audit dug further then there must be more shocking revelations.

By Tashi

Such tainted officials in central government agencies are kicked-out legally (may be jailed on completion of investigation) in all countries abroad. Bhutan too must be having this provision. Lets implement it for greater good of the country.

By Sangay

Without jumping the guns, let the agencies do what is required of them in line with responsibilities conferred on them so that judiciary could take decisions with due process of law being followed. Give someone the chance to defend himself and let us see what is in store.

Porky pie

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