Financial stability visits the political parties

The Political parties including the aspiring new ones have begun to find it difficult to sustain their institutions.

“If there is no party funding by the Government, it’s so difficult for any political parties to sustain despite the differences in being ruling or any other aspiring political parties,” said Officiating Secretary General of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) Tshewang Rinzin.

He said inspite of the 10% monthly contributions from the MPs and contribution made by supporters the party faces a financial crunch.

“The minimum expenses we keep in a month is NU 200,000 including all the expenses we incur for the whole party machinery, “ commented Tshewang Rinzin.

Dr. Tandi Dorji, a core member of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) said “It is difficult to survive on the contributions made by the core members”.

He supplemented, “We are surviving on the contributions made among ourselves at the initial stage but what will happen if we have to set-up a office and go around the constituencies”.

The spokesperson for Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party (BKP) Sonam Tobgay, “At this stage of formation there is little to spend. We are a team of professionals who have worked on the Party Manifesto and Party Charter. Similarly, we have good friends who have helped us design website, it’s still a work in progress though”.

The BKP spokesperson said at some point in time they will have to book these in-kind expenses in the Party accounts.  For meetings, they volunteer to be host in turns.  He said it helps in team building and bonding. Once the Party registers, one might entail expenses depending on the Party’s road map and plan of action(s).

“The concern is not so much about funds but more on clean, committed and competent people willing to join politics towards the cause of nation building and serving the King, Country and People,” said Sonam Tobgay.

A core member of Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) said, “Except the house rent which is Nu 15,000 the party does not spend much, rest is all on a voluntary basis”.

He said that there is nothing much where we have to invest apart from the official launch of the party in which the contributions were made by members, which was Nu 8000.

However, MP Damcho Dorji of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) said “As the Opposition we pay in lump sum unlike the ruling Government since it does not make much difference with just two of us (Opposition Leader)”.



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