Fire sets Bumzang food factory in Bjemina, Thimphu ablaze

On 23 January 2024, at approximately 1200 hours, a fire broke out at the Bumzang food factory in Bjemina.

Eyewitnesses at the factory reported observing smoke emanating from a miniature circuit breaker in the kitchen area. One witness, quick to react, raised the alarm by alerting the workers inside the factory by throwing stones onto the roofs of the factory.

The factory owner who was present at the time during the incident stated that he witnessed flames erupting from the kitchen, subsequently spreading to the roofs of the four adjacent sheds of the factory.

The kitchen was completely destroyed by the fire and reduced to ashes. While the roofs of the other four sheds suffered significant fire damage, leaving only the cement structures intact.

The owner lamented the loss of vital machinery, including potato peeling and frying machines, as well as official documents.

The South Thimphu Police Station (STPS) mentioned that fortunately no loss of human life was reported.

The incident was promptly reported and a team from Khasadrapchu CPC swiftly responded to the scene as the initial responders. Following their arrival, an investigation team from the STPS was dispatched, after notifying the Royal Bhutan Police Fire and Safety Division (RBP FSD).

The fire was effectively contained and prevented from spreading to neighboring areas, by the RBP FSD.

Preliminary investigations suggest that an electrical short circuit may have caused the fire, although further inquiry is ongoing to ascertain the exact cause of the fire.

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